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Thanks, Weilyn. The next few days are going to be busy… so, posting early.

Character Contest #H17 “Armed Forces”

We are in the midst of a sea change ourselves. I have been around long enough to remember that we had three television channels. Now we have cable, satellite, cell phone, smart phone, tablet… Yet, we seem somehow / somewhat prepared for it. Turn-of-the-century was very different. Still an incredible time to live. From horse to horseless-carriage, not at the speeds we know, but fast changes nonetheless.

I work in the transportation industry. A couple of things that I have realized. First, what is new either becomes common and familiar or a novelty or footnote. Second, life is energy and motion. Logistics and expenditures. Make sure to race your body as well as your brain. If you don’t do the former, the latter will immolate.

A Cavalryman circa 1910. He was a witness to the transformation of the American West.