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The Atomic Punk

Thanks, guys. Sergio’s Linguine Alla Bolognese is so worth the inconvenience. Locals consider these battles as part of the dining experience.

Character Contest #H14 “Old School #3 The Funny Man”

A wise-cracking cuddle bear. The line is supposed to read: “Then the lady from Honduras says, ‘Pero… mi perro!” I should have used something other than the bear companion for feet.

Papi Oso

Felipe de la Cruz drowned when the over-crowded boat fleeing Cuba cap-sized. Juana, his wife, survived and made it to Florida. The witch Isabel cursed Juana. She blamed the young acrobat for her brother’s death. Juana joined a local circus and re-married to stay in the United States. The curse was revealed with the birth of her first and only child, Fernando. It was too much for Juana’s second husband, so he abandoned her and the infant.

During his early years, Juana claimed that Cruz suffered from hypertrichosis – excessive hair growth. With the help of the circus family, she raised and trained “Furry Freddy” to be a performer. It was the troupe’s fortune-teller who revealed the truth to Freddy. She claimed that if he were to retrieve several sacred items, that she would be able to lift the curse on Freddy’s mother. What he did not know is the fortune-teller was really Isabel in disguise. She seeks to use Freddy to acquire more power. What better way to collect these items from her more powerful rivals. If anything, Freddy will die trying.

Freddy now hunts for these artifacts and fights other crime in his quest. His training as a performer helps him defeat his opponents. His moves are unpredictable. Freddy also is a quick wit. During a fight, he will often quip and comment to throw enemies off guard and encourage his allies.