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The Atomic Punk

Thanks, Herr D and CantDraw. I plan to write more. Just too many other commitments right now.

Character Contest #H12 “Old School #1 Country Pride”

I have a number of female superheroes in mind as a sort of “Miss America” contest. Slowly designing a “50 States” collection of my own. I already designed Spes from South Carolina with a reference to her rival The Black River Bombshell. If costumed superheroes were real, there would be some sort of beauty / power pageant.

Here is my latest power queen. Not sure of her actual powers. Maybe a speedster or a Captain Marvel… jaybee77 posted a similar character before I did (Miss America 2013). Just to note. I do not view other contest entries until the end. I don’t want other ideas to influence or interfere with my own creative process. Any similarities are coincidental. Just wanted to put that out there so no one accuses me of plagiarism or paranoia or weak sauce.

Miss Meta 2012

Arlington Angel