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The Atomic Punk

Son of Son of Friday Night Fights!

Don’t know why I used energy effects for a psychic character. I tried adding the same ring pattern to his robes as Warforged’s pants. Didn’t care for the result. Still, should have done something. His legs are rather flat compared to the shading in his arms.

Udefaat: The Mentalist


Udefaat is an Illithid. To be accurate, he is a Mind Flayer. His quest for knowledge and power compelled him to seek the newest Lord of Xen’drick. A neophyte would be perfect from whom to build power. Udefaat offered his services to Vulkoor as an advisor. The scorpion god accepted Udefaat under one condition: teach him the Arcane Arts.

The Illithid underestimated Vulkoor who has a much more powerful will. The drow turned the tables on his tutor. The student became the master with the branding of the “Damning Eyes.” Udefaat now serves his lord as a researcher into dark, obscure knowledge and uncharted realms. Vulkoor sends the Mind Flayer and His Eyes to these new lands and dimensions to negate threats or find empires to conquer.

More than anything, Udefaat wants to seize power from the scorpion, preferably in a publicly humilating fashion rather than court intrigue. His ego knows no bounds. Which hinders his mad pursuits more than helps.

The Mind Flayer tries to manipulate the other Eyes. The derro, Nibin is useful for laboratory testing new elements and compounds. The lizard king and Warforged provide a shield in battle. In the case of the Warforged, Udefaat has been trying to wipe his mind then plant his seed. In the event of Udefaat’s death, he might be able to live on through the construct’s body. The drow Priestess is definitely a rival to see who kills Vulkoor. She seems aware of Udefaat’s intentions. Perhaps he can persuade her to help him break the spell of the “Damning Eyes” before she makes her move.