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The Atomic Punk

Son of Son of Friday Night Fights!

First (and least favorite) is my Gadgeteer. I’m not happy with his proportions. He’s stretched and skewed not stout.



Nibin is a derro – a Dwarf of the Underdark. He is a master blacksmith and engineer; however, he was an amateur thief and scout. During the last Uniting War, forces of the drow god Vulkoor captured Nibin. The derro had tried his hand as a sapper. He intended to literally undermine the scorpion god’s holiest city. Weakening its foundations, thus causing it to collapse.

The drow slaughtered the other derro. Vulkoor had other plans for Nibin. The scorpion god used his dark magic to enslave his captive. His intention was to conscript a shock force composed of his enemies. Thereby showing his power not to dominate just the drow but all the races of Eberron.

Like the god’s others of “His Eyes,” Nibin bears the “Damning Eyes” of Vulkoor. These tattoos bind him to the god. Though they still have free will, they can never leave Xen’drick permanently nor can they ever refuse Vulkoor’s demands.

Unlike other derro, Nibin does not long to return to his people. He failed them in the Uniting War. He knows that he would be killed by his former clansmen. Instead, he takes some solace in that he and the other Eyes function as a unit.

As an engineer, Nibin devises weapons of war and fortifications. As a thief, he lays traps for raiding parties as well as trackers. As a derro, he builds elaborate torture devices.

Nibin forges weapons of quality for Vulkoor. Some are worthy of enchantment, such as the Lizard King’s trident. His skill is such that he is able to repair the Warforged. Though he is not able to create one himself. Nibin refuses to repair The Heretic’s armor. He holds no love for any drow, even those who seek to destroy Vulkoor. The derro stays clear of the Illithid. Vulkoor has already scrambled his head. What sense is left might make a tasty snack for a Mindflayer.