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Son of Son of Friday Night Fights!

Create a Classic Five-Member Super Team With Unified Costume Designs

I created five (5) characters for Friday Night Fights 3: Son of the Son of Friday Night Fights! The HeroMachine Challenge is to create a super-team based on the archtypes of Gadgeteer, Brick, Martial Artist, Energy Blaster, and Mentalist with a common theme (costume, logo, power base, etc.). I chose “Dungeons & Dragons” based loosely on the world of Eberron. Specifically the continent of Xen’drik. A harsh jungle continent rife with evil.

Before I go into the background, some standard disclaimers. Dungeons & Dragons is a product of Wizards of the Coast, a division of Hasbro, Inc. If I run afoul of any copyrights, I immediately apologize and will desist. My position on the issue is that of a “fair user.” I have played Dungeons & Dragons and other RPGs. Spent many weeks’ allowance on books, dice, and miniatures. Good times!

These characters are from a Dungeon Master’s point of view. They could serve as a pre-made adventure party or NPCs that you just don’t want to meet. The setting is a high-level campaign, such as “Dieties & Demi-Gods” or “Manual of the Planes.” One of the great things about D&D is world-building. The backgrounds and names are part of the official D&D universe. As a DM, I take certain liberties and artistic license to fit my campaign. Whether what I feel is acceptable is also legal… well, I’m not a lawyer.

Please enjoy. If you like, feel free to use these characters in your RPGs. And now…

The Damning Eyes
Giants ruled the jungle continent of Xen’drik for millenia. Among the lower races, there was violence. However, fear of the overlords kept conflicts to skirmishes and border raids. The giants knew nothing of the changes happening under their feet. Revolution came from the Underdark. A strange new god had emerged among the drow – Vulrook. A radical patriarch who inspired his followers to open war.

The scorpion god’s open defiance inspired other races to revolt. Battles were not coordinated attacks between allies. Rather, they were free-for-alls with the goal of destroying first the giants then whichever enemies remained on the battlefield.

The drow, second most powerful race on Xen’drik, quickly moved to fill the power vacuum. Unfortunately, the wars exacted a heavy toll. Entire Houses were destroyed. Many fled Xen’drik. Lolth and Vulrook encouraged their faithful to destroy the other’s. Other races tried to capitalize on the drow’s weakness. The derro renewed the Uniting War. Even humans travelled to the continent in hopes of wiping out the remnants.

From all this, Vulrook conscripted his enemies to fight his battles for him. Through Arcane Arts, he created a binding magic known as “the Damning Eyes.” The Damning Eyes compel the enchanted to obey the scorpion. He specifically enslaved those who had dared oppose him. His intent to show that he is not simply the god of the drow, but of all Xen’drik. Often referred to as “His Eyes” or simply “Eyes”, the press-ganged group fights to conquer and defend the continent above and below the surface.

Those who bear this mark are instantly recognized as agents of the scorpion god. Depending one’s status, these shock troops are to be loathed or feared, never loved. They might come to a mountain village to slay a giant or a dragon. Then they burn it down and slay the villagers for a perceived slight against Vulrook.