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The Atomic Punk

Character Design Contest 76: Animalia II

An original design for this HeroMachine contest. Now he is one of the “Golden Age” heroes in my meta-verse.

The Mouser


Hitmen had left New York City journalist Herschel Lanksy to die in the alley. They could not have simply shot him. His broken, bloody corpse would be a warning to anyone who stuck his nose where it did not belong. Herschel survived.

He decided to lay low while he was on the mend. Who had set him up? Was it the mob? The police? The mayor’s office? Possibly even the Nazis or the Commies.

Herschel emerged two years later. He could not let anyone know he was still alive. Instead, Herschel adopted the identity of “The Mouser.” Using his Army training and investigative skills, Herschel chases down the rats who swim in the Big Apple’s rotten core.