Character Design Contest 76: Animalia II

Recently we talked about revisiting past contest ideas, so this week that's exactly what we're going to do. Way back in June of 2009, we held Character Design Contest 6: Animalia, and now's your chance to do it all over again! Here's how the original announcement read:

Your character creation challenge for this week is going to be a bit more focused than last time: you must create a character (or characters) based on the animal kingdom. That might mean a super chimpanzee, or it might mean The Battling Beaver super-hero, or it might be a space-zombie-fighting intergalactic robot horse, or it might be your take on the Beastmaster, or a fantasy ranger with his wolf companion, or or or anything else you can think of, so long as it relates in some way to an animal.

We've updated the rules a bit since then, though:

  • All entries must be in JPG or PNG form (BMPs are too big), posted to a publicly accessible website (like ImageShack, PhotoBucket, the UGO Forums, whatever);
  • Entries must be made as a comment or comments to this post, containing a link directly to the image and the character name;
  • The image cannot have been used in any previous HeroMachine character design contest;
  • Please name your files as [your name]-[character name].[file extension]. So DiCicatriz, for instance, would save his "Bayou Belle" character image as DiCicatriz-BayouBelle.png.
  • Please make the link go directly to the image (like this) and not to a hosting jump page (like this). If you see "preview" or "rotate" somewhere in the link you're probably doing it wrong.
  • All entries must be in by next Monday, when I'll choose a winner.

The person with the winning entry as selected by our expert panel (i.e. me) will win their choice of a) a portrait to go in HeroMachine 3, b) an item to go in HeroMachine 3, or c) a custom black and white "Sketch of the Day" style drawing (also by me).

For old times' sake, the original winner of the first Animalia contest was Friday Night Fights Winner Martian Blue's "Eagle:

Good luck, everyone!

185 Responses to Character Design Contest 76: Animalia II

  1. dblade says:

    Get ready for Rage Beaver and Snake-clops!

    …inside voice, Daryl, inside voice…

  2. Jessica says:

    Your name is Daryl?

  3. McKnight57 says:

    dblade (1): Do you have a brother named Bob and another brother named Daryl?
    I realize I shouldn’t know that, but couldn’t resist the Newhart joke)

  4. McKnight57 says:

    dblade (1): Do you have a brother named Bob and another brother named Daryl?
    (I realize I shouldn’t know that, but couldn’t resist the Newhart joke)

  5. McKnight57 says:

    Here is Jyn, who has the powers of and ability to become a phoenix.

    I have a much longer backstory, but suffice it to say that he is 300 years old and was given the Phoenix Blessing in order to save his life, due to a mortal wound (indicated by the scar on his chest.) As with the mythical bird, he has a 1000 year lifespan and if injured (this part was my idea), the wound instantly heals. If mortally wounded, he’ll burn up into a pile (more like a statue really) of ash and then promptly break out of it seemingly unharmed. Given that he’s only 300 years into the lifecycle, he’s got a good 700 to go.

  6. dblade says:

    @McKnight57 (3 and 4): For shame, sir! It’s Larry and his brothers Daryl.

  7. maniacmick says:

    Wiley Platypus – the monotreme themed superhero , he may look silly but he’s got a retractable barb in his heel that contains a nerve toxin to subdue criminals and he is a skilled martial artist with his tail

  8. maniacmick says:

    crap wrong link

  9. maniacmick says:

    fixed link

    Wiley Platypus , the incredibly rare monotreme (that means mammal that lays eggs) themed superhero, he may look silly but he’s got a retractable barb in his heel that contains a neuro toxin to subdue villains, he is also a skilled martial artist with his tail

  10. McKnight57 says:

    dblade (6): Dude, it’s been 10 years since I watched it. I’m surprised I even remembered it. Anyway, my bad.

  11. Keith_Kanin says:

    Warren Zevon

    “Well, I saw Lon Chaney walkin with the queen, doing the werewolves of London.
    I saw Lon Chaney Jr. walkin with the queen, doin the werewolves of London
    I saw a werewolf drinkin a pina colada at Trader Vic’s
    And his hair was perfect.

    ahhhooooo, werewolves of London”

  12. Captain Kicktar says:

    Well, this is easy, my world has alchemical mutations that usually are animalian.

  13. Tarkabarka says:

    Now not so many entries i made review πŸ˜€

    @McKnight57 (5) – Nice pose, so strong and deviant looking. I think the blue aura is a little bit too many, i think you transparency the color the picture looks more better.

    @Albannach (7) – Bison looks so cool, very strong feeling for this character. Pan looks me like an evil satanic priest. Cool looking.

    @Maniacmick (8) – LOL – OMG. This is so cool, very funny and great composition. I like this picture. One visual problem is the full white insignia, i think you use a little darker yellow for the insignia.

    @Keith_Kanin (12) Overally this picture is so cool, my only problem is the size, It’s too little. In the forum there is a attachment option, when you start a post, and you shared this with the original size. I like the concept. One visually problem for me is the head, i think the size not perfect.

  14. Albannach says:


    Pan is actually an RP character of mine, a superhero, and he’s the nicest guy you could possibly hope to meet. He is the epitome of Lawful Good πŸ˜›

  15. Tarkabarka says:

    @Albannach (15) – This is the reason of the some pagan metal πŸ˜€ – I always seen satanic things.

    @Captain Kicktar (13)
    1 picture. – Very good idea. Really looking like a snake mutation. If i give an advice you use the snake skin pattern of the character right side.

    2 picture. – I have got some visually problem. I think made bigger wings, the pecker i think no needed. Not an bad char, great effort

  16. borntobealoser says:

    Here’s my entry. I’ve not got a lot of time recently to do this sort of thing, but I like to at least make a quick attempt each time to keep my hands in, meaning i’m still used to basic character creating when I can focus a lot more time to it.

    Werebear Shaman:

  17. Johnny Gear says:

    Two guys I did awhile ago, but I like them and they fit the theme.

    The Teenage Mutant Cosmic Turtle. I got the idea from one of the entries in the Cosmic Character contest. I can’t remember whose it was. But, thanks for the inspiration.
    Lion Gladiator. No special name, just a description.

  18. Keith_Kanin says:

    @Tarkabarka thanks for the review. I think I am going to go back and add some shading and highlights for the final entry if I have time. I just had the idea and a few minutes to put it together this time. I saw that my pictures are smaller than the rest of what is being posted by others and was wondering what I could do about it, so thanks for that advice as well. Looking forward to seing what you have to enter for this one.

  19. Explosivo says:

    Say hello to Aquahottie !!!! πŸ™‚

    Later i will do more πŸ™‚

  20. Gero says:

    It’s amazing how far the program–and what people can do with it–has come. “Eagle” probably wouldn’t even place nowadays..

  21. Xenowolf says:

    He hunts in the gray mist of time
    by the light of the howling moon…

    Covered by the Helm of the Hidden
    Draped in the Garb of Midnight
    Armed with the fabled Fang Claws
    hunts in the gray mist of time…

    He is Abari’s Own, the ultimate predator…

    …He is XENOWOLF!!!

  22. Vampyrist says:

    Here is the first of many entries, El Tiburon.

    El Tiburon is a pirate who haunts the Gulf of Mexico, preying primarily on oil vessels. His fearsome attitude and even more fearsome bite have earned him the reputation on the seas as a man not to be meddled with and avoided at all costs.

  23. Keith_Kanin says:

    Here is an updated version of my werewolf that I posted errlier (12}

    I still seem to have the prpblem with the overall size of the pic. I can’t seem to be able to uplosd a pic bigger than 600×600 pixels. Any suggestions?

  24. Captain Kicktar says:

    @Keith_Kanin Try posting it to

  25. Keith_Kanin says:

    Thanks for the advice Captain Kicktar. Lets try this again. Here he is one more time:

    The werewolf of London

    Hope that is better.

  26. Avalanche says:


    Has the abilty to bring his animal tattoos to life.

  27. LionStar says:

    I haven’t entered any of my creations in a while (I’m barely enter these contests so I Won’t be offended if none of you remember me haha xD) Anyhooz…. here are my latest entries:
    Traveler Wolfhawk:
    Voyager Pegafox:

  28. Tarkabarka says:

    @borntobealoser (17) – Great insignia use. Very nasty looking character.

    @Keith_Kanin (19, 28, 32) First here is a tutorial how to make attachment in forum. - Second the picture. – Yeap more better. Very good conception, the head size is good now. Great work Keith_Kanin

    @Explosivo(20) I don’t know this is your first ever entry, but very nice starting. For me the picture is too Blue, i think if you give some green or other color and few item the picture is more better.

    1. This is the correct entry link
    2. Nice sky, i like the animal heads in the ski. That gives me the feeling this is a spirit keeper.

    @Blue Blazer(23)
    For me i personally like all of them.

    CANADA GOOSE – Great char, very good coloring

    BROWN RECLUSE – NICE, So nasty looking. My visually problem the full white gradients in the robotic legs. BTW i love this char, like an robotic Venom.

    LADYBUG – Good idea and good entry. I think the gradient in the wings not needed or not this size.

    @Hunter63(24) – Also like Kieth Kanin my overall problem is the picture size too small. – Great pose and coloring, very experimental.

    @Xenowolf(25) – Great entry. I like the pose. My only visually problem is the smoke, i think no needed or hide all of the two lover arms.

    @Vampyrist(26) – My easiest review. In no PUP thread i wrote my oppinion. This picture is so cool, great coloring and feeling. Great work Vampyrist.

    @abominal401(27) – Nice. I like his head. Very nasty looking have him.

    @maniacmick (29) – Great lucha style. Very good looking. My visually problem is the size of the picture. If you make a bigger background is more better.

    @ajw (31) – Great pose and very good coloring. Nice work AJW

    @PapaKrok (33) – (Papakrok started our terrorizing :D) Now the picture. – Great pose, very unusuall looking. Good item use, nice coloring. I like her head. Very nasty looking. Great work PapaKrok

    @Blaq_aries (34) – Nice char, so nasty looking. One visually problem for me is the spade head – i choose silver or grey. Btw good char

    @dblade (35) – (Dblade continues our terrorizing :D) I also think this type of entry…. – Good coloring, very great entry. I really like her hair. Great insignia use in the body. Great work Dblade

  29. Debochira says:

    Between the time when the oceans drank Atlantis and the rise of the sons of Aryus, there was an age undreamed-of. And unto this Aeral, destined to bear the Horned Crown of Aerithnu upon a troubled brow. It is I, his chronicler, who alone can tell thee of his saga. Let me tell you of the days of high adventure.

    Aeral is not a Wolf-Man, nor any sort of hybrid of man and wolf. He is what wolves may become, given enough evolutionary time. His is a proud race of warriors and shamans.

  30. Dan says:

    @Debochira (40) Damn it, now I wanna watch Conan!!

  31. Debochira says:

    I’m sorry but I had to laugh at that. I thought no one would get the reference.

  32. Tarkabarka says:

    @Debochire (40) – Very intresting concept, visually not strong but have an unique feeling. i have one visually problem, i think the skin color breast is no needed. Btw this picture is so nice.

  33. toxtoartox says:

    This is what will be happened if you use the “Cobra Oil” too much… Hehe…

  34. Tarkabarka says:

    First is sorry for Debochira for i mistake the name.

    @Toxtoartox (44) – Great composition, very nasty looking. Great color usage.

  35. Johnny Gear says:

    Another animal themed picture I had lying around.
    Its SuperYak!

  36. blaq_aries says:

    lover of all animals big and small, I give you Forester the Protector

  37. Tarkabarka says:

    @Diazmydaz (46) – Nice effect and good idea the sinking ship

    @Johnny Gear (47) – Hehe mutant superhero. Not bad, simple but good idea. I think if you give a glove of him looks more better.

    @blaq_aries (48) – I think you give a lot of thing this picture, and i’m very confused when i find everything. And i don’t find where start the background.

    @Kwnnos (49) – Nice picture, good coloring and execution. Very complexy. Great work Kwnnos

    @newerlie (50) – Very convicing picture. Nice insignia and item use.

  38. Tarkabarka says:

    So this is my first entry in the Animalia II contest.

    Daryes Cyenn the elf ranger and her wolf Sabaton

  39. blaq_aries says:

    @ Tarkabarka, I wanted to show depth in the picuture so I took 2 backgrounds of the same flipped and colored them 4 different colors also showing the differen sizes of the animals, I am new to this but I feel I am getting better maybe I will do a few more before the deadline.

  40. Diazmydaz says:

    @tarkabarka (51) Thank’s but im need more learning to get better effect

    and say hello to Mr.Dezape

    Mr. Dazeape

  41. Zaheelee says:

    I originally made this for the previous random name contest, but I didn’t finish in time because I had a problem with the shirt. I was originally going to do something cool with the eyes to help the image live up to its name, but since that does not matter in this contest, I left it out.

    Anyway, there is some really nice competition this time and good luck to everyones who decides to enter!

    Vision Hawk:

  42. PapaKrok says:

    Manapede, because one pair of wandering hands just isn’t enough.

  43. Awesomerayd says:


  44. Humancatcher says:

    Here is my first entry for a the contest.

  45. Joshua says:

    @PapaKrok– Y’know, I was worried there for a minute when I spotted that name [Manapede] under “Most Recent Comments”. After “Human Centipede”– which should be filed under “Most Disturbing Movies of All Time”– a visual cropped up in the ol’ brain and I was partially relieved to see it was merely a human/centipede hybrid. I’d rather have that Cronenbergian horror staring back at me than another human’s arse.


  46. BloodlessRose says:

    This is my first entry in a while so i hope its a good one.

    Mishanni Drakon is a galactic witch who takes over planets by shape shifting and summoning her pets. Each dragon has its own fire and intensity depicted by the flames. She has lived for 1000’s of years and hunts for her next target.

  47. Kaylin88100 says:

    OK, this would have been my entry to the Capricorn contest, but I made it too late to enter. So, I thought I’d enter it for this one instead. I’ve lost the saved version so I can’t edit it anymore, else I would have added highlights and stuff. I made this last March or April, I think, before I got confident enough with that sort of thing.
    Mountain goat

  48. Kaylin88100 says:

    Another old one:
    Red Riding Hood, Wolf Mistress
    Again, would edit it but lost the save. However, I still think it’s pretty cool so I want to enter it.

  49. Kaylin88100 says:

    A fairly new one, this is a re-updated version of one of my Random-palooza entries, Beast Soverign. It’s based on the idea of “Hey, if the King of the Beasts, is a lion, what animal would be the Queen?” Hence the bling-laden, purple-cloaked:
    Queen of the Beasts

  50. Zaheelee says:

    Hey, has anyone seen Zyp lately? He hasnt entered any contests in a while…

  51. Tuldabar says:

    I was considering staying out of this one, but inspiration struck! (made me stay up till 1 in the morning last night for no discernable reason.)

    I call this “Anguish,” sort of a fantasy/horror version of “Romeo and Juliet,” but with a werewolf and the daughter of a paladin. Mourning her loss, and proving that even “beasts” can be moved to sorrow and remorse:

  52. demonhunter says:

    Spider Monster-a humanoid spider like creature


    Evil Teddy Bear-run for your lives! By the way, the white stuff is stuffing that is coming out from a rip in the bear

    I already had these uploaded to facebook, but any new entries I make will be on something like photobucket to make it easier for you, Jeff πŸ™‚

  53. PapaKrok says:

    63 Joshua…

    You and me both! That movie was pretty disturbing, even for me…

  54. Johnny Gear says:

    I hope this qualifies as animal enough. I like how it came out.
    Robot beast ( because I couldn’t think of a better name)

  55. dblade says:

    @blaq_aries (73): Ah yes. Just like the pilgrims used to make. πŸ™‚

  56. sgt.pepper says:

    ok those first two were messed up just ignore them

  57. dblade says:

    @PapaKrok (71) and Joshua(63): All I did was read the synopsis on the Human Centipede and I was scarred for life. I don’t dare watch it for fear of my sanity.

  58. Zaheelee says:

    @dblade(75): Same here! Wikipedia was enough to make me shudder and give me nightmares!

  59. count libido says:

    Animalia competition entry: Pork Chop, Porcine Prince of Kung Fu!

  60. PapaKrok says:


    Trust me when I say that some things cannot be unwatched. I would not recommend it.

  61. Zaheelee says:

    @PapaKrok(85): I’ll take your word for it :/

  62. Worf says:


    @Everyone else: Please, PLEASE, for your own mental sanity, DO NOT go searching for this “Human Centipede” mentioned above. I did, and will now have to go ask a doctor to put me in a medically induced coma to try to forget it. If that isn’t successful, I’m sure the lobotomy will do the job.

    This is NOT a movie. It is strictly meant to cause deep and irreversible mental anguish. Hanging and quartering the individual that came up with this idea isn’t mean enough.

  63. Worf says:

    @PapaKrok(84): Loving the Black & White illustration.

  64. Myro says:

    I feel sorry for all of you being exposed to “Human Centipede” for the first time because of this thread. I knew what it was, and it’s…well, disturbing, sick, and twisted don’t really seem strong enough to describe it. I haven’t seen it myself (although my fiancee has, and the mere mention makes her want to vomit), and I’m quite thankful for it.
    The bad news: rumor is there will be a sequel. Proof there is no God.

  65. Dan says:

    Myro, it’s no rumor. It was released on Nov. 4th in the UK (well, according to IMDB anyway.)So we in the States & Canada can be disgusted by it soon enough.

  66. Jeff Hebert says:

    Folks, I’d appreciate it if we could move the discussion of disgusting movies no rational human should ever be forced to watch to some other place, that would be great — it’s enough of a pain working through these submission threads on Monday so I can download all the images without the threat of accidentally clicking on a link to a preview or something that would scar my tender eyes for life πŸ™‚

  67. Jeff Hebert says:

    Also, 1rd2th3st, that link doesn’t go directly to the image. Please use the link from the “direct link” box to the right of the page you linked to instead:

    See how that goes right to the image without all the extra PhotoBucket stuff having to load? Thanks!

  68. Jeff Hebert says:

    sg.pepper, same drill — one of your links doesn’t go to an image, and the other is not a direct link to the image. Please update with the correct link or unfortunately your entry will not be counted.

  69. alvacascus says:

    this is my first attendance on the heromachine’s contest and I submit 2 my creations for this animalia II contest πŸ˜€
    Meet The Lunar Beast
    Description: The Beauty meet her boyfriend in beast form because the moon is in its full phase
    The Crying Tarzan
    Description: Tarzan’s crying for Kerchak’s death (his step monkey dad)

  70. Zaheelee says:

    Sorry, Jeff πŸ™ We will get back to the contest.

    @Kaldath(95): That is great! I love how much detail there is in the image. I also love how you used both foreground and background to make it seem like Leo was really in a forest. Keep up the great work!

  71. StarMan2000 says:

    Enter The Wolf-Brother:

    Ulfrik Wolf-Brother is as like to a barbarian as the Arcadians would ever see, from his untamed hair to his clothing of many pelts, he is a unique figure in the market places of Arcad and it’s townships. He speaks only haltingly the language of the people, coming in only to trade his latest catches for supplies of salted meat and fresh water. The Arcadians fear him more than respect him, for tales of his brutal ways chill their civilized hearts. He is accompanied always by his twin wolves, feral creatures that obey only the commands of their man-brother. His comings and goings are rare, and he is one of the last of the old races that lived before the coming of the Sun-King of Arcad and his mighty empire.

  72. Tuldabar says:

    @Alphaalpharomeo: Ha Ha! “Pink elephants…” Clipety plopety!

  73. Tuldabar says:

    Clopety, sorry. Stupid un-editable comment bar…

  74. gurong7 says:

    sorry triple post πŸ˜€


  75. gendonesia says:

    this is my masterpiece!!
    the monkeyman!! (even I confused, is he “animalia” or “humanilia”?)

  76. TOOL says:

    @Jeff, What’s the “Kaylin Limit” for this contest, I didn’t see one. If it’s unlimited its cool, I have a bunch of ideas for animal characters.

  77. gurong7 says:

    sorry jeff.. make a lot mistake πŸ™‚
    my first entry DEVIL BAT GIRL

  78. Jeff Hebert says:

    No limit this week Tool, except for the bounds of your conscience — only submit stuff you think is really good, not everything you’ve ever made that happens to feature some sort of animal theme.

  79. Hunter63 says:

    My recent characters background won’t load? should I submit him anyways?

  80. Luclucluc says:

    Here’s my entry for this week’s contest. It’s a kitty or something!

  81. Worf says:

    @TOOL(124): Did you double check those links? I get a 404 error from photobucket on every one of them.

  82. TOOL says:

    huh thats weird, I will re add them. Hey Jeff do you think you could delete that and this message and ill repost to see if it fixes the problem.

  83. Phatchick says:

    Back in my younger RPG days, we’d played a game based on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. All the characters were anthros and my favorite character was a fighter named Kestral Bluehawk (I forget wether she was based on a hawk or a falcon). Here she is, the lovely and deadly Kestral-

  84. Phatchick says:

    Now I ask you, what could possibly be as cute and cuddly as a panda bear?

  85. Zaheelee says:

    @kyle(131): You might want to check out your link and fix the background issues. It is a good concept and has the potential to be a great image, but the backgrounds don’t line up.

    Also, Jeff, have you noticed how many newbies there are this time around? It’s great! I always love seeing new names and styles πŸ™‚

  86. kyle says:

    @Zaheelee(132):what is wrong with the link?
    i didn’t notice the background until you mention it.Thanks

  87. extraordinaree says:

    im still wondering who is the Contest fro LEO winner…at least who’s the one that made to the nominee

  88. dblade says:

    @extraordinaree (140): Check it out…

    Mister Zyp was the winner.

    Just so you know you can find past winners by going to the “Character Design Contests” link that is found under the Blog Categories list on the right side of this page.

  89. extraordinaree says:

    what the F….at Leo contest jeff mistook trekkie as me and instead of change it he scratched my name…well that’s an “OUCH…!!!” LOL

  90. extraordinaree says:

    @Gurong : my god…i didn’t think that i would see that picture anymore…its the first picture that you made the first im introduce and teaching you how to use hero machine generator LOL

  91. Kytana says:

    First(maybe last)entry: A Fighter with animal style.

  92. Meniukas says:

    My attempt foe this week contest.
    Rabbit shaman teaching his youngsters the secrets of nature.
    ‘Know well my child’s, the secret are not how to bent nature, but how to bent whit the nature.’

  93. Phatchick says:

    Not all mermaids are beautiful. Still, I’m sure there are a few anglerfish mermen who might find her quite the catch.

  94. Phatchick says:

    Not all mermaids are incredible fish-babes. But I have a feeling that an angler merman might find her a bit of all right.

  95. darkmanifest says:

    Eh, why not give it a shot. Here’s Kaleo, high priest to Mer colony Pacifica:

  96. toxtoartox says:

    @Gurong (144): Here comes the legendary Hoz Martilo…….

  97. Kaylin88100 says:

    My 4th entry for this contest. Some people may remember a previous version of this character from an OCD.
    Eagle Spirit

  98. Gene says:

    Ok, here we go, a couple of Animal based ones I had sitting about πŸ™‚

    First is..Robohawk

    Next up is Wolfen:

    And Finally Tigress:

    Robohawk was basically a doodle I’d done one night while bored. Wolfen and Tigress came about as a result of a discussion/poll here on HM about getting powers by a radioactive animal bite.

  99. adolfo carpio says:

    su nombre es siegfried y es un humanoide leon enserrado por sus crimenes en un planeta desierto, tratando de sobrevivir y saber como escapar de su encierro

  100. Myro says:

    I’m only going to have one entry this week, as this thing took forever.

    So, did you know back in the ’60s, London had a private investigations agency called The Wonderland Agency? These are three of its agents: Cheshire Cat, White Rabbit, and Caterpillar.

    I swear, the way my mind works some days boggles itself. How I managed to work my way from animal-based characters to recasting Alice in Wonderland as 1960s British Mod detectives astounds me.

  101. Firecracker says:

    My post for contest 1/2 man — 1/2 pegasus

  102. gurong7 says:

    what is deserve entry in the contest? LOL
    my 6th entry: GARUDAZ

    I hope I’m not late:)

  103. dblade says:

    @adolfo carpio (156): You might want to rename your file and repost. According to Jeff’s suggestions it should be something like adolfocarpio-siegfried.png

    This way he can download without having to keep track of whose entry it is.

  104. Tarkabarka says:

    Sorry to i finish the review, but i have got a lot of work in my workplace and haven’t got enough time to make a reviews for the contestant pictures.

    Here is my second entry

    Sun Wokung – The Monkey King in Journey of the West.

  105. gurong7 says:

    sorry edit again my chart, I change the head facing to the right and there are some additional items on the wing

    my 6th entry(been changed): Garudaz by gurong7

  106. Devilfish: A pirate’s sword.

    Might try to get one or two more entries this contest. Just been so busy! :/

  107. Kaylin88100 says:

    My 5th and almost certainly last entry to this fascinating and inspiring contest:

    Wolf Girl

    Twin sisters, both werewolves. Here they are shown with one in wolf and one in human form.

  108. The undisputed World Wildlife Boxing champion… Jumpin’ Joey Foster!

  109. Tarkabarka says:

    My third entry. I hope no copyright or any problem for this picture.

    So this is my Firefox.

  110. “Dinogladiators.” Thank you Seventh Sanctum!

    Had a last minute cancellation. Time for some R&R (finally).

  111. Sutter_Kaine says:

    Fatcat – Fatcat was the owner and proprietor of the nightclub The Cat’s Meow. This was really a front for his activities as a member of the group of freak crime-lords active during the 1950s known as the Gentlemen’s Club.

  112. TOOL says:

    Ok there are alot of good pieces of art here this time and I know I am cutting it close but I have been busy. Had a bunch of free time so I let myself try some things with a few characters here. See what you think? I may or may not do anymore but we will just see if anything else comes to me in time.

  113. Cliff says:

    Contest #76: Animalia II
    Entry #1
    OK, the reason I picked this guy, was my haiku interest. November 25 is Basho-ki, the anniversary of haiku master Basho’s death. In the 1600s he wrote:
    furuike ya
    kawazu tobikomu
    mizo no oto

    old pond …
    frog leaps in
    water’s sound
    (tr. William Higgonson)

    Every year since 1998 I hit people up for frog haiku to honor Master Basho.
    So I had to go for a frog.
    So from the swamps comes my … Bullywug!!!
    Most of the work was on his head and face. His armour is an old shield he found and tied on, he wears moss on his wrist, and fights with old cracked shield and rusty sword. His tongue and mouth may be his greatest weapon.
    I had a very busy week this week, and I JUST did him barely before the deadline but I had him envisioned before I even opened HM3. However I did take my time with him. I was very pleased with guy. I hope you are.

  114. skybandit says:

    The Brotherhood of the Red Sash

    Dr. Calliope Moreau used her own eggs to genetically engineer six mixtures of human and animal DNA. Force-growing them with hypnotic sleep teaching brought her full-grown Chimera Children to term within a year, just before she was apprehended and her sons put in a lab. They soon escaped and now seek their place in the world of Men.

    Chief Bistonius the Minotaur Militant possesses enormous strength and stamina.
    Big and ugly, he can barely pass for a human with heavy clothing and bad lighting.

    Centurion Myrmigdon the Avian American has flying wings and talons to fight with.
    He has talons and hollow bones, but the wings and tail are artificial enhancements

    Major Fredonius the Centaur Cavalryman has lightning speed and substantial strength.
    With a fake wheelchair and torso of a β€œnurse,” he can move amongst the humans.

    Commander Oceanomas the Amphibean Aquanaut can breathe water or air equally well.
    Easily the most monstrous of the six, he tries to distract from it with gaudy tattoos.

    Doctor Lupinus the Mammalian Medic possesses great speed and fierce combat skills.
    The most humanlike of the brothers, he can disguise himself as a heavy metal biker.

    Father Ophideus the Draconian Dinosaur has paralyzing venom in his claws and teeth.
    Unlike his jealous brother, Ophideus has fully functional wings growing from his back.

    The prototype Tristegasaurus Rex is a family pet that stands twice as tall as any of them.
    While he’s docile and obedient to the Brothers, he’s carnivorous and voracious by nature.

  115. Sutter_Kaine says:

    Nightswan – One-half hte crime-fighting duo of Nightswan and Cardinal.

  116. Kytana says:

    Second entry
    Its a Beat em up named Paws of Revenge. Model from them is Paws of Fury, a game who played as child.

  117. Jeff Hebert says:

    Thanks for all the entries folks, submissions are now closed! I’ll download and sort asap.