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Friday Night Fights 2 Finale!

Concluding FNF with the main man. I didn’t make it past the first round but had a lot of fun imagining and designing these characters. That’s why I sought a program like HeroMachine in the first place.

Robin Hood


Background story
Robin Hood, son of a mining company supervisor, was bored with middle-class life. His thirst for adventure landed him in trouble. He started computer hacking to escape the stale existence of the bio-complex he called home. He made public some sensitive information that the Sheriff of Nottingham did not want anyone to see.

The Sheriff laid a trap. He offered a reward to design new security software. Robin could not resist the challenge. Being young and foolish, Robin exposed himself by using the same coding and subroutines he used to crack the Sheriff’s original system.

Fortunately for Robin, his father had some influence with the nobility. Rather than prison, Robin was offered a scholarship in a Royal Military Academy. Nottingham had wanted death. So, the lad shipped to the Heart of The Kingdom to learn to be a Royal Marine.

At the Academy, Robin met his future first friend John Little. The Academy Instructors found him to be lazy and inattentive. They realized his potential, but he was hard to motivate. He did excel in military strategy and theory. He also took to social sciences and politics. His instructors grew concerned over his democratic tendencies. Graduates of the Academy were to serve the Monarchy and the Kingdom not advocate voting and property rights.

Robin eventually fell in line. He became a strong and decisive leader. So impressive, he became the youngest commander of a Royal Expedition in history. Or was he?

The Sheriff of Nottingham had not forgotten about the young hacker. Nottingham worked a deal with the Academy. Promote Robin to Commander then send him to the remote colony of Loxlie. The Academy agreed so Robin would be out of sight, out of mind.

Nottingham had an ulterior motive. He knew that the French Empire was preparing for war. He struck a secret deal with King Louis XXXIV. He would sue for peace after L’Armée des étoiles took the planet. The Loxlie System would serve as a buffer zone between The Kingdom and the Sheriff’s control over the Nottingham System, the Outlands, and beyond the Pale. As an added bonus, the snot-nosed brat who embarassed him would be dead.

The Battle of Loxlie cost Robin dearly. He lost his right arm and right eye. More devastating, his stubborness cost the life of his most trusted friend John Little. Robin was taken prisoner by the French Empire. He would have been executed if not for a daring rescue financed by Maid Marian Fitzrobert.

Robin now fights for the Liberation Movement in the Outlands. He has an ambitious agenda: liberate Loxlie from the French, liberate Nottingham from the Sheriff, liberate The Kingdom from His Majesty.

Robin uses his computer hacking skills to spread the word of democracy and engage in sabotage. In this realm, he has found an ally in Frère Tuk. He uses his military training to lead his fellow Liberators, known as the Merry Men. To His Majesty and nobles throughout the known Systems, he is a terrorist. For now, they regard him as one of many “upstarts and rogues.”

The People have mixed opinions of Robin Hood. Loyalists would turn him and his “Murderous Mercenaries” to the Royal Guard or kill them outright. The Peasantry admires him for his political message of civil rights and calls for representative government. His Majesty is wary. Deep in his heart, he sympathizes with Robin. His Majesty is tired of the wars, but he cannot be party to a civil war or the collapse of civilization itself.