Friday Night Fights 2 Finale!

After four ferocious rounds of face-to-face fisticuffs, the dust has settled and only two remain standing. It gives me great honor to present you now with their masterpieces, the leaders of their "Robin Hood in Space" reimaginings, the fabled warriors true of Imp and DiCicatriz! But first, here's the current bracket, to show how each of them arrived here.

And now, their ultimate creations!

DiCicatriz: Robenne Hud

Robenne Hud, former mercenary of the Elizabethan Empire turned freedom fighter. His cloaked fighters have been wreaking havoc on imperial trade routes, reappropriating supplies for the famished outer world colonies. No man has truer aim with a plasmid arc cannon than he.

Imp: Colonel Robin Hood

Once a colonel in the Imperial Skyforce (a combination space fleet and air force), Hood is the son of Albert Hood, CEO of Hood Industries and Duke of Covington, an Imperial Sector within the New Albion quadrant.  His family has been life-long friends and allies of LM&P (Leaford Mining and Pharmaceuticals), the rulers of neighboring Nottingham Sector.  While serving on the frontier in the war against the Gath, Robin was captured and spent three years in a Gathi prison.  When he finally escaped, he made his way home, only to find that his Sector and Nottingham Sector had been 'reorganized' by the Sheriff of Nottingham.  His father was dead, and Robin himself was quickly declared an outlaw.

Now that you have their stories and have seen them in the (pixelated) flesh, it's time to vote! Remember, you can cast your ballot once per day up until midnight next Thursday. So vote early and vote often!

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Of course we have a lot of stellar entries from people who did not advance in the main event. To ensure that their creativity will not be lost, I'm happy to present our last Consolation Round. You can vote once per day in this one as well, and you can also vote for as many as you think are worthy contenders. The one with the most votes as of next Friday will win their choice of any item, any portrait, or any "Sketch of the Day" type illustration they like.

Good luck! Note that you can click on any of these images to see them at a larger size.

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And here are the larger default images along with each character's backstory.

AJW: Robin Hood

Born to a slaver on Ryloth he learned to hate what his father raised him with, becoming a jedi he decided to go undercover as a bounty hunter and undermine the galaxies slave trade.

Alex: Robin Hood

He was the Prince on the planet Loxley before John and his army killed his father the King and destroyed the planet beause they didn't want to recognize John's government.Robin along with other survivors formed a group of rebels to oppose King John's tyranny.Robin is a master strategist and captain of the space ship "Loxley" ,his mayne weapon is the bow ant trick arrows ,which he inventet himself.He is a master archer ,swordsman and traind in many fighting styles which he learned during his life as prince on his homeworld.

AlphaAlphaRomeo: Robin Hood

No story provided.

Atomic Punk: Robin Hood

Robin Hood, son of a mining company supervisor, was bored with middle-class life. His thirst for adventure landed him in trouble. He started computer hacking to escape the stale existence of the bio-complex he called home. He made public some sensitive information that the Sheriff of Nottingham did not want anyone to see.

The Sheriff laid a trap. He offered a reward to design new security software. Robin could not resist the challenge. Being young and foolish, Robin exposed himself by using the same coding and subroutines he used to crack the Sheriff's original system.

Fortunately for Robin, his father had some influence with the nobility. Rather than prison, Robin was offered a scholarship in a Royal Military Academy. Nottingham had wanted death. So, the lad shipped to the Heart of The Kingdom to learn to be a Royal Marine.

At the Academy, Robin met his future first friend John Little. The Academy Instructors found him to be lazy and inattentive. They realized his potential, but he was hard to motivate. He did excel in military strategy and theory. He also took to social sciences and politics. His instructors grew concerned over his democratic tendencies. Graduates of the Academy were to serve the Monarchy and the Kingdom not advocate voting and property rights.

Robin eventually fell in line. He became a strong and decisive leader. So impressive, he became the youngest commander of a Royal Expedition in history. Or was he?
The Sheriff of Nottingham had not forgotten about the young hacker. Nottingham worked a deal with the Academy. Promote Robin to Commander then send him to the remote colony of Loxlie. The Academy agreed so Robin would be out of sight, out of mind.

Nottingham had an ulterior motive. He knew that the French Empire was preparing for war. He struck a secret deal with King Louis XXXIV. He would sue for peace after L'Arme des toiles took the planet. The Loxlie System would serve as a buffer zone between The Kingdom and the Sheriff's control over the Nottingham System, the Outlands, and beyond the Pale. As an added bonus, the snot-nosed brat who embarassed him would be dead.

The Battle of Loxlie cost Robin dearly. He lost his right arm and right eye. More devastating, his stubborness cost the life of his most trusted friend John Little. Robin was taken prisoner by the French Empire. He would have been executed if not for a daring rescue financed by Maid Marian Fitzrobert.

Robin now fights for the Liberation Movement in the Outlands. He has an ambitious agenda: liberate Loxlie from the French, liberate Nottingham from the Sheriff, liberate The Kingdom from His Majesty.

Robin uses his computer hacking skills to spread the word of democracy and engage in sabotage. In this realm, he has found an ally in Frre Tuk. He uses his military training to lead his fellow Liberators, known as the Merry Men. To His Majesty and nobles throughout the known Systems, he is a terrorist. For now, they regard him as one of many "upstarts and rogues."

The People have mixed opinions of Robin Hood. Loyalists would turn him and his "Murderous Mercenaries" to the Royal Guard or kill them outright. The Peasantry admires him for his political message of civil rights and calls for representative government. His Majesty is wary. Deep in his heart, he sympathizes with Robin. His Majesty is tired of the wars, but he cannot be party to a civil war or the collapse of civilization itself.

Cliff: Robin Hood

No story provided.

Danny Beaty: Robyn from the Hood

No story provided.

Frevoli: Robin Hood

The future. (2099, if you will)
On the planet New Nottingham.
Robert Benjamin Lok, the multi-billion heir of Lok Intergalactic, returns from war, after having been conscripted into the Peace Keepers force. He returns to find his father dead and his inheritance having been seized by the state. Whilst he was away, the quadrant's provisional government made a play for power and succeeded. The people are suffering due to increased taxation, and Rob has no power to help them. Whilst going through some of his family's treasures (having been thrown out by Lok Intergalactic's new C.E.O, Gigiz Bourne) he finds a book; Robin Hood, more man than myth - by William Lok (his father). From it he learns of the Robin Hood tale, and that he may even be a descendant of the man himself.
Right there, Rob is motivated to help the people as his ancestor did. Taking up base in amongst the the Sher trees; he crafts a costume using remnants his PKF uniform and whatever he can find / "borrow". Armed with proton arrows and a handy blade-bow, he then goes about avenging the people as... Robin Hood

Gargoyle323: Robin Hood

Robin was a sergeant in the U.S. Army who worked for a special black ops force that dealt with experimental armors and cybernetics. He met Marian when she crash landed on Earth fleeing from the Lord Sheriff Supreme from the Nottingham galaxy. She was trying to protect the secret of life,which she could do by finding the lost planet of Yorkshire. The Sheriff attacked Earth and destroyed almost everything and killed millions of people. Robin put together a rag-tag group,his so-called M.E.R.-E men (Mechanically Enhanced Rebels-Earth class) to lead marian on her search for Yorkshire and  to find it before the Sheriff can destroy it and the potential rebirth of the worlds that he has destroyed.

GeneH: Robin Hood

No story provided.

Hammerknight: Robin Hood

In the year 2220 it bacame possible to travel at the speed of light. Each country on Earth began to explore apace looking for possible planets to colonize. Earth had run out of room. Every country was over populated. With new colonies on other planets, people were given the opportunity to grow their families. It didn't take long to find volunteers to lolonize the new planets.

The United Kingdom was lucky, they found a small solar system that had multiple planets that could be colonized. They named the system "New Britain." The system's largest planet was New London. It was the third planet from the sun. The first planet from the sun was named Neverland, from the story of Peter Pan. It was s water world with small islands as land masses. The second planet was names Camelot, from the legend of King Arthur. The last planet in the system was named Nottingham, from the stories of Robin Hood. Between New London and Nottingham was a huge meteor field named Sherwood Forrest. Some of the meteors were large enough to be colonized as well.

When colonization first started, it was mostly small businesses and families. One of these families were the Locksley's, that started a large farm on Nottingham. Nottingham was the ideal planet for farming. The soil, the weather, everything was perfect for raising crops. The Lockley's worked with many other families in supplying the other planets of New Britain with produce. Everything was going fine.

Around 2100 the John Deere company began to make A.I. units to run other farming equipment. These units took on the name John. They were a wonderful addition to the farm. A.I. units were being built to work almost every job out there. When Earth's population began to rise, jobs were hard to find because everyone was using the A.I. units for labor. In 2143 a call for the end of the A.I. units was made. With big businesses not wanting to pay for human labor, they did not want to end the use of the A.I.'s. In 2147 the war against the A.I. erupted into chaos. People began destroying the units every chance they got. By the end of 2152, A.I.'s were outlawed on Earth. A.I. units, including the Johns were ordered to be destroyed. There were some units, knowing they were going to be destroyed, went into hiding. One of the John units found a hiding place on the farm of Robert Locksley Sr. Years later this unit would travel with Robert Jr. to the planet of Nottingham. The colonies did not outlaw the units, so the John unit was safe. Robert Jr's grandson, Robin, would later develop a friendship with the John unit, calling it Little John.

When the large businesses back on Earth found out how good trade was in the colonies, they decided they wanted their share. One of these businesses was the Sheriff Corp. The owner of the company was a worthless business man that had no feeling for the little man. If it wasn't making him money, he wanted it out of his way. Some say that his son was even worse, and that is why Jr was sent to Nottingham. One by one, he was forcing the farmers of Nottingham to sell off their farms to him. The farmers began to find new homes on the small planet-like meteors in Sherwood Forest, the closest and safest place to go. Robin's dad refused to sell out and sent Robin to New London to make sure they would not lose thier contracts for produce to the Sheriff Corp. Robin soon found out that the powers that be in New London were already on the side of the Sheriff Corp. Trying to fight to keep the family business from going bust, Robin was delayed on New London for some time. When Robin returned home, he was told that his father had already sold out to the Sheriff Corp and overcome with grief from losing the farm, had committed suicide. Robin was in disbelief and went to confront Jr face to face. An arguement erupted between the two men and Jr ordered his men to get rid of Robin. A struggle began and Jr was knocked off a walkway and into vat of fertilizer. Jr's men began to beat Robin, but before they could kill him, Little John came to his rescue, whisking him away to Sherwood Forest. Jr was quickly pulled from the vat and he gave the order to kill Robin on sight. Having fallen into the fertilizer, his body was forever changed.

Little John took Robin to an old family friend of the Locksley's. Friar Tuck had started a monastery on one of Sherwood Forrest's smaller meteors. Tuck began to care for Robin and placed him and Little John into hiding. Upon Robin's recovery, he began to plan a way for him and the other farmers to regain their farms on Nottingham. The only trade route from Nottingham to New London was through Sherwood Forest. Robin organized attacks on the Sheriff Corp's transports, stealing their goods, and using them to feed the hungry families in Sherwood.

New London sends Lady Marian to Nottingham as an Ambassador to see if she can bring a stop to the fighting. The Sheriff Corp (Jr) makes it look like they are doing no wrong. He shows her all the bill of sales and tells her that everything was done legally. Lady Marian stumbles across some information that proves the Sheriff Corp and some New London officials were in the wrong. As she leaves Nottingham, Jr finds out what she has learned. He orders his men to destroy her transport and make it look like Robin had done it. Before they can do so, Robin and his band rescues Marian and takes her into hiding with them. Robin and Marian grow close as they try to find a way to take down the Sheriff Corp.

Haxxx: Robin Hood

Also known as Robin Hood, returned to his home a few years ago from the crusade only to find it owned by the evil king John of E'ngl-and.

In order to buy his home back Robin turned to smuggling but after a few bumps with the Sheriff his occupation quickly changed into thievery.
Robin goes through the Nebula with his trusty bandit band, delivering stolen goods to those who need it the most.

Jean: Captain Robin Locke

A former Confederacy officer who was growing dissatisfied by the corruption he saw around him, Locke was surprised to find he'd been given command of the prototype ship, the Sherwood.  He was even more surprised to find the ship's brain (which he'd been told had come from a donor corpse) was alive and fully aware of it's surroundings.  That was the final straw as far as he was concerned.  To prevent a man of the cloth from being used as an instrument of war, Locke stole the Sherwood and left the Confederacy behind.

JordanXord: Robin Locksley

Robin Locksley, Duke of the House of Locksley and the only son of Lord Grand Duke Harold Locksley is a condecorated officer of the Grand Earth Armed Forces. When his father is viciously framed as a traitor by Baron Mordach, Locksley takes a ship and escapes to space. He hides in a small asteroid in the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter, which is a property of the House of Locksley. This asteroid becomes the main base of operations for Robin´s new mission against the evil Baron Mordach´s tyrannical rule. Robin is an excellent fighter, a skilled pilot and a great weapons master. His weapon of choice is his custom-made crossbow.

Kyle: Robin Hood

No story provided.

Me, Myself, and I: Twin Robins

Fortunately for both Marian’s they came across a man just across from the estate who offered them a means of escape. The man turned out to be Rob Huntington. He had been casing the estate hoping to discover something about what the Sherriff was up to. He had had family that had never returned one day from their research job at the science institute that the Sherriff had quarantined. Rob’s questions had been insistent and inconvenient enough that the Sherriff had warrants issued for Rob’s arrest and declared him a dangerous criminal.
The declaration that Rob was dangerous could not be truer for he had extensive UN Defence Force combat training and specialized as a sniper. Due to a combat wound, and a wealthy family back home, Rob’s left side had been rebuilt and retrofitted with advanced cybernetics. If anything the cybernetics helped with his prowess.
Rob had been looking for a break and had now found it. With what Marian had to share many pieces of the puzzle were now starting to come together. The first order of business was to find this Friar Tuck he’d heard so much about. Rob proved to be a skilled investigator and after a while Friar Tuck and Maid Marian were happily reunited. Likewise, Rob was reunited with his old friend John who ended up being court-martialled disobeying a direct order that ended up saving Rob’s life.
Once again it was time for planning to be followed up by action. It took weeks but the group eventually compromised the Sherriff’s security and invaded the quarantined science academy. Their plan did not go of quite as well as hoped however. A firefight ensued and in the cross fire Rob had an opportunity to fire upon the Sherriff which he took advantage of without hesitation. His weaponry proved to be useless against the Sherriff’s new dimensional shield. Rob had noticed however that some falling debris actually managed to contact the Sherriff which proved he was not entirely impervious.
The small band along with a few liberated scientists managed to escape the Sherriff and they all found themselves having crossed over to the mirror dimension fleeing into the forests of Sherwood. There they met up with Robin Hood, Little John and the remaining Merry Men.
The freed scientists later revealed that while the Sherriff’s dimensional armour is nigh invulnerable to energy weapons and bullets, it might be more subject to primitive weapons. Other than the scientists, no body understood the explanation in full. What little they did understand was this; the protection offered is related to the amount of force being directed at the target. It is the incoming energy that powers the shield and allows it to create a mini risk that consumes the devastation. Primitive weaponry such as swords and arrows do not produce the same kind of kinetic energy and therefore may stand a better chance of working against the Sherriff.
The group, now confident that the Sherriff was not indestructible had a plan. Now they just needed to carry it out . . .

Myro: Robyn Hood

In the distant future, after man had discovered the secret to interstellar travel, humans have spread across the galaxy, forming what would eventually become the Galactic Empire.  As our story takes place, Emperor Richard has left the throne world, and is waging war on the Galactic Frontiers.  Back home, his niece, Princess Joan has usurped control of the Empire, seeking to keep Richard in the dark until she can establish her power base to complete the takeover.  She has bribed or bullied the majority of Richard’s cabinet as well as the Arch-Bishop of The Galactic Church of Infinite Truth to support her position, and has started a strict and heavy taxation regime to help her build her power, keeping Richard equipped with enough men, ships, and equipment to continue the war without drawing attention back home.

However, all is not well on the homefront, between the rise of piracy commited by Robyn Hood and her Lively Ladies aboard their ship, Sherwood, and also the vocal opposition of Squire Marion, a popular member of Richard’s cabinet, both of which may undo Joan’s rule.
Robyn Locksley has just returned home from the war, stripped of her commission and dishonourably discharged from duty.  Formerly given the field commission of Lieutenant in the Imperial Army, where she had served on a sniper team, her attempt to blow the whistle on the cover-up regarding the devastation of the Battle of Andora IV had placed her in bad standing.  Nearly broke,  with an expensive chain-smoking habit developed during the war,  Robyn has fallen in with a gang of thieves.  Using prior knowledge from her time during the transport home, Robyn had discovered the destroyer that she was riding on was scheduled for decommission shortly upon return, and led the gang into hijacking the space destroyer, and taking it as their own.  Having refurbished the vessel and rechristened it “Sherwood,” Robyn, going by the pseudonym “Robyn Hood” now,  and her crew have taken to piracy on poorly protected Treasury vessels, with the intent to “abscond from the wealthy, and redistribute to the impoverished.”  The secondary hope is that with so many Treasury ships falling to Robyn’s crew, that Princess Joan will be forced to pull ships off the line to help protect them, which will alert Richard to return home to his throne.

Rancid:: Robin Hood

Robin Hood protects the people of the organic shanty town known as Sherwood Forest against Sherriff Notingham and the sherwoos techno city.

Rozenstal: Robin Hood

No story provided.

TJ: Robin Loxly

Robin was a commander in the Great War fighting for the crown, after the war he was deemed an outlaw and has since been fighting both clandestinely and outwardly to restore his king. He is aided by his band of fellow outlaws.

VonMalcolm: The Robbin' Hood

Humankind has conquered much of Orion’s Arm, but the constant growth outwards, deeper into the Milky Way, has been stayed and has even somewhat regressed with The Earth Foundation falling into a period of inner turmoil.  The contact, support and protection from The Earth Foundation for the Outerstellar Nations has lessened placing these Nations in Dire Straits at the Edge of Oblivion.

In an effort to stay the growing chaos in its own Outerstellar Nation in Sagittarius, the central Quantum Computer invaded the other six Quantum Computers that run Sagittarius Nexus* and declared itself King.  ‘Prince John’, as the ambitious computer is disrespectfully referred to by its disloyal subjects, is ruthlessly stomping out all opposition to its rising reign of terror.  In one particularly remote system, Starwood, a group of vandals Merrily resists its edicts.  Despite its massive artificial brain that encompasses the entire central governing planet of Nottingham and its Powerful Avatar that can leave ‘The Nottingham Stars’, Prince John cannot track and capture the ‘Robbing Hoods’ -or as it prefers to call them:  ‘The Robbing, Raping, Rapscallion Hoods’.