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Character Contest 70 – Leo

Only thing Zodiac about this entry is the character’s name. I wanted to try my hand at a steampunk or Jules Vernesque character. Didn’t quite get the vibe. However, I enjoyed imaging her and writing her story.

The King’s Mad Girl


“Good morning, Your Majesty. Chief Engineer Leona Skeffington at your service. We had been expecting your review. If it pleases you, let me guide you through the workshop.

“I’m not what you expected? No offense taken. Most don’t expect a woman to lead this project. This is no gasworks. This is a factory! Sure, we turn cannons, clanks, land-walkers… but your patronage makes it all possible.

“Ah, here we are, Your Majesty. Now, what London sees on the outside is the Westminster clocktower. Down here, in the subterranean, is proof of our special project’s success. Your Royal Highness, please to meet Big Ben.

“Oh, don’t worry. He’s an herbivore. He’s a little cock-eyed and none too bright. Give him a cart of watermelons, and he even wags his tail like a puppy.

“We were able to bring him through the Time Door. Unfortunately, he was none too happy about the journey. He wound up smashing the machine.

“Nor do we have the materiel to repair it, your Lordship. When the Prussians learnt of our experiment, they stopped supplying us with Äther. The Committee of Public Safety also declared an embargo on fer de nain.

“Of course, your Majesty. We will begin re-tooling the factory immediately. What shall it be? Clanks to retrieve the Äther… or land-walkers to crush the French?”