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The Atomic Punk

Thanks, and willkommen to HeroMachine, mayday. And thank you, Vampyrist.

Character Contest 61 – Aries

Another April 16th birthday: Basketball legend and Hall-of-Famer Kareem-Abdul Jabbar. In this design, I re-created a scene from Bruce Lee’s Game of Death. A rather poor, haphazard design, but it was all for fun. Kind of ironic, though. Because if you watch the scene, Kareem is just as awkward in motion as he is in my HeroMachine homage.

Kareem-Abdul Jabbar is also famous for his role as Captain Roger Murdoch in the classic movie Airplane. I recommend both movies. Especially to those who hate martial arts and comedies. After seeing these two films, you will most likely hate the genres even more, you killjoys.

Game of Death