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The Atomic Punk

Character Contest 52 – Sagittarius

Final entry is the Strategic Anthropomorphic Guardian Initiative’s “Project: Archer.” The Archerproto-type is a footnote in the history of my mecha-verse.

Project: Archer


In 1982, American President Ronald Reagan opened the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) talks. At the same time, military research and development was dreaming up the next generation of defense. One early project was the development of powered armor suits. Official named the Strategic Anthropomorphic Guardian Initiative (SAGI), it was commonly known as “the Archer.”

The project barely made it past the conceptual phase. Taking cues from the animal kingdom, the legs would be equine in nature for a wider-range of motion and quicker reaction. Unfortunately, the materials used to design the model were so heavy that it would tilt and fall. In an effort to stabilize the Archer, the arms were augmented to provide counter-balance.

The first prototype was a mere shell. The project was scrapped shortly after the mock-up was built in favor of the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI). Commonly known as “Star Wars.”