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Character Contest 52 – Sagittarius

Centaurs and archers. Here is one version of the Greek myth of Nessus.



The myth
During an adventure, Hercules and his second wife Deianeira arrived at the River Evenus. Nessus, the river’s self-proclaimed ferryman, offered the demi-god and his bride passage. He carried Deianeira first. Once across, Nessus started to run. He intended to kidnap the fair maiden.

Hercules quickly struck the centaur with a poison arrow. Before he died,Nessus told Deianeira to use his blood should Hercules ever be unfaithful. Suspecting that Hercules was indeed cheating, jealous Deianeira stained a tunic with the blood. When the demi-god donned the tunic, he felt pain so intense that he set himself on fire. Zeus rescued Hercules before he burned to death.