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Character Contest 47: Weather, Weather Everywhere

Pogonip is a villain in my meta-verse. Though a minor character, he is otherwise a normal except that he has what is known as the “N-Factor.” The N-Factor is the amazing ability of seemingly ordinary people to hold their own against metas.

I’m thinking of re-naming the “N-Factor” to something else because it is too close to “X-Factor.” Suggestions welcome.



The Idaho Devils are bikers known all along the Continental Divide. Sometimes referred to as “ID-43” (Idaho, 43rd State), the gang primarily trades in illegal guns and drugs along with other assorted vices. Rumors circulate that their gang code is heavily influenced by “pagan traditions”. The Devils are also notoriously violent. “Transgressions” are handled by enforcers.

Their main enforcer is simply known as “Pogonip”. He is the cold, deadly fog that has claimed many travelers foolish enough to stray from the safety of the “righteous path.” To call him otherwise invites the touch of his “ice crystals”. The only exception, of course, is his own mother.