Re: Tell my story


The Atomic Punk

Original Character Design by Alexander of Limbo; Story by The Atomic Punk

Rochester “Chet” Turon… Hup… hoop… hep! Watch me as I FLEX! So sexy in my mirror. Yeah, strike a pose. Hey, no… playtime is done. I’m going to do this. Anna Graham showed me a better way.

If not to prove it to everyone else, just to myself. You said I wasn’t good enough to join your costumed gang of thieves. I wasn’t “a ninja.” I wasn’t “part of the hive.” So, that is what you are? Bank robbers who kill guards and bystanders. Why did I ever try to fit in with you? When you “cut” me. Left me for dead in the alley. Now I have more than motivation. I have more than revenge.

It’s not about Chet Turon… it’s not about settling the score. It’s about being better. Being truthful and honest. I will rock your world. Queen bees and drones… feel my sting. For you, who rejected me… for whom I “didn’t make the cut.” I will fight you. And I will be the hero. Yes, I have found a path from the flower to the hive. And it is sweet as honey.