Re: Tell my story


The Atomic Punk

This one was hard because I have been following your series. What more can I add to such a beautiful story? Here goes.

The Immortal
Original Character Design by prswirve; Story by The Atomic Punk

Ummm… hello, there. How are you? I’m sorry. I need to catch my breath. See, I’ve been running for days. And, ummm… uh… well, days… literally. I have all of this energy that I’m trying to get rid of. You seem dumbfounded. Are you okay, yourself? Hello? Can you hear me? Wait, you can’t. Oh, you’re deaf. Can you say something? You’re mute as well.

Gee, ummm… well, you wouldn’t like the sound of my voice, anyway. It’s not the mask. I’m no choirboy. Oh, got that right. You’re the first person that I’ve talked to since my mistake. Hey, you’re a good listener. Ha!

My master was experimenting. He wanted to concoct the Elixir of Youth. And he almost had it. The chemicals were volatile. And, well, I spilled them. The explosion destroyed the lab. Killed my master. Burned my face. That was… about two hundred and twenty-two years ago…

I survived, obviously. With all of this energy that I can’t exhaust. This is the first time since the accident that I have ventured forth. I was hoping to spend myself. Just unleash this engine, wear out this battery. Battering trees in the forest, running across the plains, smashing into walls. It’s just no use. I can’t stop.

What’s that? You want to play? I’d rather not. I know what happens next. I’ve watched others die, yet I carry on. There’s no reason for me to make acquaintances. Why bother? Why complicate things even more? I need to focus this energy.

My, you are insisting. I guess that I can stay for a bit. When the sun sets, it’s time for you to go home. Then we must part. You will never see me again.

Thank you for the flower… friend.