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The Atomic Punk

FORSHADOWING (Part 1 of 2)
Original Characters by Trekkie; Story by The Atomic Punk

“Good morning, Zara, how’s Fairfax this morning?”

“Pretty good, Monique. Glad to see you’re wearing something other than a bathrobe for our weekly video chat.”

“Yeah, speaking of business casual, what are you wearing?”

“This get up? I’m applying our theory. This suit will be able to generate and manipulate electricity.”

“What? Zara, I object. The ‘Fulgora Project’ is meant to develop wireless energy transmission. That suit is a toy.”

“This suit is a demonstration for the Board of Directors. It proves our theory and will make a larger impact than any computer model or slideshow. We will ‘wow’ them at the next meeting. You think that’s a bad thing, Monique?”

“Let’s make one thing clear. It’s not ‘our’ theory. It’s mine. I was the one who was able to overcome the resistance ratio. We will be able to harmlessly beam electricity with almost zero-percent loss from New York City to Biloxi, Mississippi. That suit makes me think that Coastal Energy is using our efforts to build a weapon.”

“I apologize. Your work in physics will earn you the highest accolades and respect. The suit is to showcase my skills as the project engineer and architect. The dynamos that I am designing will make this high-efficiency dream into reality.”

“Not good enough, Zara. Those bastards stole my calculations. Instead of being ‘Bishop’s Applied Model of Radiant Energy,’ Coastal owns the patent.”

“Oh, Monique, I’m so sorry!”

“You were too busy tinkering with that suit to pay attention to those snakes.”

“Not at all. Monique, we work in separate cities. We connect through video and e-mail. Not once did you mention this to me. Nothing in our discussions hinted that Coastal Energy intended to buy the rights to your intellectual property.”

“They didn’t ‘buy’ my brain. They stole it! Big difference, Zara.”

“Listen, we can bring this up at the next board meeting.”

“Yeah, and there will be two lawyers to every ranking member.”

“Monique, we’re so close. This is important. We’re about to make the world a better place.”

“Don’t patronize me, Zara. I’m cancelling my flight and signing off.”

“Please reconsider, Moni*”