Re: Tell my story


The Atomic Punk

La Chanteuse Réticente
Character Designs by JR19795 and Jeimuzu; Story by The Atomic Punk

“Why are you doing this?”

“Why not?”

“This is so wrong. You are making write these terrible lyrics!”

“And you will sing them to my satisfaction. Don’t you want to be rich and famous?”

“Actually, no. I wanted to be a veterinarian.”

“Oh, please. Now, sing the line again.”

“No, it’s just awful! Ow! Okay! ♪ Ooo, baby, when I’m with it’s like we never left high school ♪”

“Yes! Teenage girls are going to eat that up! Music Network Awards, here we come!”

“What? No! No one is going to buy this drivel.”

“The last singer who wore me went triple platinum with My Favorite Mini-skirt and Candy Roses.”

“And what happened to Brittany Popp?”

“She turned 25… I had to ditch her.”

“Yeah, and now she lives in a trailer park with her deadbeat ex-manager.”

“Oh, don’t get me started on that guy. He’s the one who really screwed up her life. I just made it fun for awhile. Well, fun for me.”

“All of this trouble from a dress that I bought at a thrift store. So, what happens when I’m no longer entertaining?”

“Meh, I don’t care. You’ll probably bottom out after you lick Kathee GooGoo’s face on the awards show.”

“I will do no such thing!”

“I can make you sing. I can make you dance. I am pretty sure that I can make a fool of you on basic cable television.”