Re: Tell my story


The Atomic Punk

FEBRUARY 14th, 2169
Original Character by WMDBASSPLAYER; Story by the Atomic Punk

“It has been 76 years since the last official marriage and 42 since the last recognized civil union. Let’s not forget the last natural pregnancy was over 90 years ago. Persons in attendance, love has been lost.”

“And that’s your appeal to the World Council? You do realize that you will be fired if not imprisoned for such emotionalism.”

“Doctor, what I am saying is these surrogates can mean something more than carnal pleasure.”

“With due respect, Doctor, we designed these clones to eradicate a genetic defect.”

“The human touch is a ‘genetic defect?’ Listen to yourself. You are conditioned to accept this cold, impotent society.”

“You dare!”

“What? Oh… ‘impotent,’ yes… I forgot. Only those who are conditioned believe that ‘impotence’ is a fair trade for ‘omnipotence.’ Yet, gods we will never be.”

“I’ve had almost enough of your heresy!”

“Doctor, please calm down. You are getting… excited? Aroused?”

“The surrogate is ready… Doctor… Do you want to begin the tests?”

“Rubbish, Doctor! This occasion demands a tender approach.”

“Be careful, Doctor, it looks like there is an error in the genome sequencing. Right here. The isoleucine and glutamic acid are reversed. The surrogate is unstable.”

“Hello, my dear, you have such beautiful eyes.”

“Careful, Doctor…”

“I see, well maybe the Doctor is correct, my dear. Your gluteus maximus is disproportionately large for your body type. My name is Doctor… ARGH!!!”

“I warned you, Doctor. Watch what you say to a woman. She’ll tear your heart out. Oh, hello dear. Yes, ‘peace’ to you, too.”