Re: Tell my story


The Atomic Punk

Original Character Design by WMDBASSPLAYER; Story by The Atomic Punk

“How do I know that is Richard Matteson? It could be anyone’s skull. And why is it so clean?”

“Mister Price, believe me, your rival is dead. I had so much fun that almost feel guilty for charging you.”

“I need more proof. You think that I am going to hand over six million dollars just on your word. What’s with the creepy white make-up, anyway?”

“Mister Price, please don’t change the subject. I ‘executed’ my part quite well.”

“I don’t know how I let Revis talk me into hiring an assassin. This is so sundry.”

“Your friend in the police department will be calling you soon. He will inform you of details of the investigation. He will mention a crib. Please try to act surprised.”

“Hello, Alex Price speaking. Yes, Lieutenant, how are you this morning? What? Richard Matteson was murdered last night? Why, that’s terrible! In his own home? He has round-the-clock security. Four guards were found dead as well?!?

“This will undoubtedly shock the pharmaceutical industry. Yes, I promise not to talk about the details of an ongoing investigation. Decapitated? Found where? In the baby’s room?!? In the crib next to his infant daughter?!?!? No, I don’t want to hear anymore. I will see you soon.”

“Mister Price, I shot him in the head as you requested. After I had removed it from his neck. Mister Price… my money. Thank you.”

“I hope to never see you again, you heartless…”

“Of course, Mister Price. Please respect our confidentiality and you never will.”