Re: Tell my story


The Atomic Punk

American Girl
Original Character Design by headlessgeneral; Story by The Atomic Punk

“My mom is originally from Murmansk, Russia. She met my dad in Havana while working on her Masters degree in Political Science.

“What she didn’t tell him is that she’s a mutant. Surprise! He didn’t tell her that he’s a mutant, too. What happens when two mutants decide to have a baby? The Cuban government kicks in the door.

“They couldn’t go to Russia because Moscow also had an interest. One fateful night, they got on board a fishing boat that was fleeing for the United States. My mom, 9-months pregnant, and my dad without a penny to his name.

“No sooner did they step on the Key West beach, my mom goes into labor. Welcome to America, baby girl!

“My dad was able to find work as a short-order cook at Waffle House. He later became manager of several stores. My mom was able to finish her degree and now works in the Florida State Corrections System. She specializes in the rehabilitation of meta-human convicts.

“The whole time they kept their abilities secret. They wanted to live normal lives. They wanted me to be safe and happy. To compensate for the monotony, they entered me in various beauty and talent contests. I was an all-American girl.

“In 2010, the summer before my sophomore year, I was visiting my papa at work. I was excited because we were about to go to the Cheerleading World Finals.

“A couple of punks rushed in the store demanding money. One had a bat; the other a knife. My dad was willing to give them what they wanted as long as they didn’t hurt anyone and promised to leave. They decided to take me hostage.

“Dad pleaded with them. Instead, the one with the knife slashed my face. That’s when my dad showed his true power. With the wave of his hand, the pen on the counter shot through the air and stabbed my attacker in his eye. It impaled him. With another wave, a butterknife flew and stabbed the other thug in the shoulder. So forceful, that it stuck out the other side.

“The secret was out. My dad is telekinetic. When mom came home, she freaked. I was thrilled. I asked her if she knew. Then I asked her if she had any special powers. With a flick of her wrist, everything electric in the house shut off. Another flick, the lights turned back on.

“To my squee, I discovered that I had both powers! Soon after the attempted robbery, my mom contacted a friend she met through work. Dr. Winters is the director of the Meta-Research Consortium. MRC not only studies mutants, but they help develop our powers and sponsor us. Through training, I am able to use my telekinesis to effectively fly.

“Thanks to the support of my adoring parents, I won Miss-Meta 2011. Youngest crown evah! Now that I’m 18, I have the option to try out for MRC’s ‘Angels.’ The Angels are mutants trained to assist in catastrophes. That’s noble… but I’d rather be fighting crime.”