Re: Tell my story


The Atomic Punk

Original Characters by Linea24; Story by The Atomic Punk

“First Mate Pascual, please to write in my journal as I dictate.”

jeudi, le 12ème de mars

Aidan has been aboard The Rose Queen but three days. He has already proven himself a risk. The crew delights in his fiery displays. Just yesterday, he almost burned down a sail with his “raging dragon.” I swear, he’s a bigger threat to this ship than the Admiral. I regret accepting this contract. Half a mind to

“Captain Rane, on deck! Ships to port!”

“Who are they? What are their colors?”

“Too far to see from here. Crow, what say you?”

“If you’d purchase me a bleeding spyglass! Hmmm… aghast! It’s The Hangman’s Noose!”

“Just our luck, Captain, pirates. Of course, that includes present company.”

“Quartermaster, this is no jest. They will attack.”

“With our passenger, shall we try to elude them?”

“The Rose Queen run from a fight?!? Yes, my uncle would kill me should something happen to Aidan.”

“Too late! Cannonball!”

“How did they close in so fast? No time! They’re boarding.”

“Woohoo! I was getting bored on this floating piece of merde.”

“Aidan! What are you doing? How dare you insult The Queen. Lock yourself in the cabin. We will fight Captain Beauchamp.”

“Captain Rane, watch out!”

“Hey, that fireball knocked off my hat!”

“Sorry, cousin, didn’t mean to save your neck from the thrust of a cutlass.”

“Aidan, when this is over…”

“We’ll be victorious!”


“Pascual, have you your quill?”

vendredi, le 13ème de mars

Despite my initial impression of Aidan as a reckless whelp, he has proven to be most formidable in combat. He needs to learn to control his gift of fire better. With the right training, he has the potential to be a magnificent incendière.

Uncle was wrong. The Seas and Islands should know of Aidan. As the newest member of my crew, he will help me bring the fight to the Admiral and the Crown.