Re: Tell my story


The Atomic Punk

Characters by JR19759; Story by The Atomic Punk

“A’Ilia, I have come to you seeking a truth. May I approach?”

“You may not step into the golden light without consulting my sisters.”

“As you wish. L’Iria, I am dismayed by this rejection. Will you please lift my spirits?”

“The roses weep with you this day. For they, too, know of such loss. I could bring you much happiness with but a ruby kiss. However, time will heal your wound.”

“This is not tolerable. K’Iiai, bless me with strength.”

“You impose will on others yet lack compassion. I could steel your resolve with the cooling blue vapor. Alas, what you require is patience.”

“J’Alai, your sisters torment me so. Why do they refuse me? I travelled far and endured much hardship to find you. Please!”

“If it is happiness you desire, look to the good in others. Touch their hearts with your words. The green mist permeates the soul.”

“ A’Ilia, I have done as you required. Your sisters have offered me nothing. I beseech thee.”

“If you do not know the answer by now, you have been asking the wrong question.”