Re: Tell my story


The Atomic Punk

Harlekin, Dies Irae is going to take me a bit. Your designs often tell their own story. No narrative required! I like her alot, so I want something that fits.

Of course, I take great care with everyone’s characters. It’s one of the reasons this forum moves at such a slow pace. A story might take days to conceive. However, once I start writing, I find it hard to stop! Thank you all for your patience.

Original Design by Linea24; Story by The Atomic Punk

“Greetings, barbarian. I am the Ambassadress. The Wise Ones have sent me to replace the Ambassador. The man whom you murdered when he arrived at your camp. Which gives me pause to question their wisdom. How is it that your kind is able to understand the Source, yet fails to comprehend the Valley People… my people.

“We do not covet the Source. We know its nature and potential. Long ago, we harnessed its power. So terrible it is that we swore none shall possess it or ever use it in anger. We have kept it from outsiders for generations. Despite our efforts, we find ourselves having to fight you to hold it.

“No doubt, you heard the legends and myths of the Valley. Your lust for wealth and power never ceases to amaze. We hid this land in a web of lies and rumors. Yet, here you are with sword in hand – and an insatiable bloodlust.

“The Wise Ones made a choice. They elected to destroy the Source. You have no comprehension what this means for our civilization. Our wonders are gone. We have lost our warm homes and moon-glow towers. The Source allowed us miracles of health and well-being. Now we will become sick and old. We shall fade into the very legends that we created to protect our Valley.

“I hold the last of the Source. The Wise Ones offer it in hopes of a truce. They ask that you only go and trouble us no more. You have what you want. There is no reason for more violent death. My people are dying from plague as we speak. Let us slip into the twilight in peace. The Spirits forgive your souls.”

The invading general took the Source from the Ambassadress. He admired the glowing blue power encased in a rose-shaped vessel. The general turned to his army and held the Source above his head for all to celebrate their victory. The barbarian horde roared with approval. He then drew his sword. He turned to dispatch the Ambassadress, but she had disappeared.

Thinking nothing of it, the general decided to leave the Valley. There was no point in sacking the city and losing men. The army would return after the plague took the elves. Then there would be no resistance and free plunder.

From the highest tower, the Ambassadress watched the horde disappear over the mountain. Suddenly, there was a flash of blue light from behind the peaks. The barbarians were no more.