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Name: Laura Shae
Alias: The Skipper
Birthday: July 21st, 1972
Power: Antigravity Control
Birthplace: Lansing, Michigan
The Skipper ,(birth name Laura Shae), developed her antigravity ability when she was just a preteen. At first, she used it to play cruel jokes on her classmates (for example, there was one instance where a classmate of hers, Antonio Villarega, wanted to dunk the basketball, but he was too short. so once he jumped on his 3rd attempt, she made him keep going, way higher than what was required to dunk the ball. It’s said that he’s been afraid of heights ever since). Once Laura reached adulthood, however, she realized the implications her powers could have on people and vowed to use them respectably and for the good of others.

Name: Dominic Shae
Alias: Anti Matter
Birthday: July 21, 1972
Powers: Anti Matter Control
Birthplace: Lansing, Michigan

Laura Shae’s (A.K.A the Skipper) twin brother, Dominic Shae never got over his even phase in school. He bullied his classmates till the day he graduated and the proceeded to take this same punishment out on his fellow citizens. He’s had several run-ins with his sister, but despite his evilness, he really does care for his sister; therefore, he tries to avoid hurting her at all costs.