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Name: Darya Andropov
Alias: Space Runner
Birthday: October 4, 2100
Powers: Atom Gripping and Super Speed
Birthplace: Adygeja, Russia

Born in the year 2100 to parents Elena and Artem Andropov, Darya had racing in her blood (Elena Andropov was a race car driver, and Artem was a long distance running olympian). Because of this, it was no surprise that Darya took an interest in running when she was a child. She wasn’t a very fast runner though, until her 19th birthday when her powers kicked in. First Darya developed super speed, which landed her a spot 2124. Shortly after taking the silver medal for Russia in the 100 meter dash, Darya discovered another latent ability. She discovered that her skin contained several particles that were able to latch on to atoms and propel her along, essentially giving her the ability to be able to run anywhere…including space. Couple that with her super speed and you’ve got The Space Runner!