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Name: None
Alias: None
Birthday: None
Powers: None
Place of Creation: Stockton, California

In the year 3000, a craze swept the USA. It was a new form of chess, called Real life Chess. It involved sentient and faceless robots that fought and moved like chess pieces. This one was the typical pawn. Colors were changed to fit their owners, but the basic design is the same.

Name: Jaime Oldman
Alias: The Shimmering Soldier
Birthday: November 3, 1987
Powers: Light Control
Birthplace: Tallahassee, Florida

A rare experimental military success for the US, The Shimmering Soldier was granted the ability to blind his enemies with light which allowed the other soldiers to shoot them.

Name: Sara Swindoll
Alias: None
Birthday: April 1, 1979
Powers: None
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California

G.I. Sara Swindoll was so happy when her foster sister Paige was rejected for American military service. Sara knew it wasn’t what Paige really wanted. Plus she didn’t really want to worry about her sister while she had missions to finish. After all, Sara had suffered through the blood, sweat and tears of boot camp and years of service to America to let worry throw her off her game.

Mass Reupload for Character Contest! (I may have changed these guys stories from the old thread I had over at UGO)