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@Vampyrist said:

That is terrifying

@Legatus said:

Damn! How am I supposed to sleep well tonight?

@luizpauloromanini said:

Well, there goes my sweet dreams…

@Linea24 said:

Okay, I’m scared now…But it does looks really cool, though!

Thanks a lot, guys! Glad to hear I made it sufficiently creepy.

@djuby said:

Very cool! A good idea just went horribly wrong.

Or horribly right Laugh

@Viper said:

Yes that is definitely crazy lol

@Jeimuzu said:

Wow, Battle Mode Activated is really cool! I can’t stop looking at her, the design is so creative.

Thank you both!

@Suleman said:

Nice! I can sort of imagine that monster being disguised under some sort of huge dress or whatnot, just floating around before going nuts.

Thanks! My idea was to make some sort of mechanical infiltration unit. It’d be hidden under an artificial skin, looking all trustworthy and harmless, but the moment its target lets his guard down: BAM! A dozen rusty blades to the face.