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– Jeimuzu
Thanks a bunch! I’m trying to match the colours and the designs with their rulers, so next up is a deep blue Persian.

– JR19759
Dude, you can’t say things like that to someone who’s delerious! If my room mate comes back to our flat next week to find that all reflective surfaces have been painted over and/or hammered to crap I’ll blame you!

Joking aside, thanks a lot. I rarely get fevers, but when I do they mess me up like a chainsaw to the brain. Glad you like the Naphtist! I think we all have a tiny inner pyromaniac who gets giddy at the thought of setting fire to things that rightfully we shouldn’t be able to.

By the way, I was thinking of mounting the next soldier on a horse, and I don’t really know how. I’m sure there are good examples of that on the forum, but I can’t seem to find any for inspiration. Anyone know of good mounted poses I could have a look at? Thanks in advance, people!