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Name: Tasha Wu
AKA: Number 36,Soldier Girl
Rank: The Ace of Diamonds

Bio: Tasha was a born in china and adopted by a wealthy American celebrity couple . She grew bored and disgusted with the lavish and shallow life her parents provided for her, and at eighteen she joined the U.S. Army against their wishes.She found military life to be a natural fit,enjoying the order and discipline and getting the chance to push herself and discover her true potential After a couple of deployments ,Tasha was recruited into the top secret “Zenobia” project. A joint military experiment that sought to create female super soldiers. The project’s candidates were subjected to intense physical and combat training and given injections of hormones created out of genetic material harvested from the corpse of “Lady Ultra” a super heroine who was born on an alien planet and sent to earth as a child. The experiment took a bad turn when some candidates started to go insane , and only thirteen of the original fifty survived the project intact. This group called themselves the “Lucky 13″ and they were split up and assigned to various branches of the military. Tasha and four other members of the group were assigned to the G.S.O’s Shadow Operations division under the supervision of it’s newly appointed assistant Director Ne’na Fatal. Things went well for the group until they were sent to Germany to take out a small time super villain crew called the”Vandals”.The group was trying to break into the big time by kidnapping a German popstar and Tasha and her team were assigned to rescue the victim and neutralize the Kidnappers.intelligence indicated that the group did not have any high level super villains, but in reality the groups leader “Doom Sword” had recently secretly received an upgrade to his powers.Tasha’s team was slaughtered and the only reason she managed to get away with the kidnap victim is because her best friend “Yasmine” sacrificed herself to cover their escape.Tasha was upset about losing her team, but became angry when she found out that Shadow Operations had put Doom Sword and the Vandals on their payroll. Tasha left the G.S.O and hunted Doom Sword down executing all of the Vandals in the process,She finally caught up with Doom Sword in Madrid, Spain and after a long battle managed to defeat and kill him, unfortunately a family of tourists from Great Britain was caught in the crossfire and their murder was recorded on a cellphone and posted on the Internet.The G.S.O arrested Tasha and stuck her in a “Cry Box”(cryogenic cells located in maximum security prisons around the world they are reserved for the globes most powerful and/or dangerous offenders) She was released a few years later when Ne’na decided to make her the new “Ace of Diamonds”.

Special Abilities: As a result of the Zenobia project Tasha has increased healing abilities and senses. She is also capable of bursts of superhuman strength,and possesses a threshold for pain that is beyond normal human limitations.
Skills: Tasha is the perfect soldier adept at both firearms and hand to hand combat. She’s also developed the skill of hyper focused “mind over matter” which allows her to overcome almost any opponent or obstacle.