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A.K.A :None Known
Rank :The Joker

Bio: Logan is Ne’na’s “Special Assistant”,his personal history is unknown. He basically just started showing up at G.S.O headquarters,shortly after Ne’na was promoted to Shadow Operations. He has been seen doing everything from drafting classified status reports to picking up dry cleaning. All attempts to identify Logan including D.N.A and retina scan records have been inconclusive, and no one is able to explain how he got clearance for such a high level position when so little is known about him. When Ne’na was terminated from the G.S.O, Logan resigned and his personnel records were deleted before they could be declassified.

Special Abilities:None Known
Skills: Logan is highly efficient and competent and has shown a mastery of several varied culinary,clerical
and domestic skills. He has also demonstrated prowess with technology and field medicine.