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This seems like a good place for a small break in the art , I thought I should drop a little story context on everybody before rolling out the bad guys…..

So the main malefactors in the first story arc is a group of super villains collectively called the”Doom Cartel “. For a long time the DC were the biggest villains in the world , but in recent years they were close to being wiped out by the “Ultra Alliance” a group of the worlds elite super heroes. With allot of their founding members either killed or incarcerated in”Cry Boxes”(cryogenic cells located in maximum security prisons around the world they are reserved for the globes most powerful and/or dangerous offenders) most people believed it was game over for the DC . All that changed when a young super villain named “Proximus” came on the scene . The UC was caught off guard by the powerful psionic prodigy’s exceptional leadership skills and ruthless tactics . Under Proximus’s reign the DC became a bigger threat than they ever were in the history of their existence . During the group’s latest assault on the global community they succeeded in not only kidnapping the heads of 6 countries(including the president of the U.S.A)but also murdering them along with several of the UA’s most powerful members who were attempting to rescue the global leaders. they were able to do this by temporarily taking control of the ” Eye In The Sky”, a top secret super weapon created by the G.S.O . The powerful ion cannon is mounted on a satellite orbiting the earth and is capable of bringing death and devastation to several hundred square miles at any time,any where on the globe. The new Aces team is formed to hunt down and terminate Proximus before he is able to mount another attack.

So lets take a look at what the Aces are up against bring out the heavies..