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THE WATCH – Season 3 Bios (The Allies)

Name: Liane Benson
Alias: None
Age: 28
Occupation: Urban Security Agency (USA) field agent
Biography: The mysterious agent is the connection of the Watch with the American Government. Even if the vigilantes are quite critical of the government’s supervision
on their actions, they started to respect Agent Benson. Probably, because she passes a sense of security and confidence. Benson pulled some strings to make a better
“base” for the vigilantes.

Agent Benson’s USA uniform

Name: Walter Grey Thompson
Age: 49
Occupation: Biker / Gun Smuggler
Biography: Walter is a long-tme associate of the Huntress, and he became an important contact with the Watch itself. Everytime the vigilantes need a bigger firepower
distraction, Mr. Shotgun can offer the perfect equipment.

Mr. Shotgun photography

Name: Marcus Wallace
Alias: Rookie
Age: 30
Occupation: Freemont Police Detective
Biography: Finally climbing up at the Police ranks, the now Detective Wallace still keeps an eye for the connections of the organized crime and the city hall. With the
help of his clumsy partner, John Mulhoney, he may be close to crack the case of the decade.

Detective Wallace’s attire

Name: John Mulhoney
Alias: Johnny Boy
Age: 32
Occupation: Freemont Police Detective
Biography: The lazy, blabbermouth and, ocasionally corrupt, detective Mulhoney will have his sloth days over. Thanks to his new partner, the infamous Detective Wallace
Johnny Boy will finally move his feet to catch some bad guys.

Detective Mulhoney’s attire

Name: Sharon Williams
Alias: @freemontvoice
Age: 37
Occupation: Channel 9 Reporter
Biography: Since the beginning of the vigilante actions in the city, the workaholic reporter keeps at search of the best news about them. Her constantly search for truth
lead to an uneasy alliance with Nightshadow, and some bad name with Don Tomasino. Sharon must keep her head cool, so she doesn’t find herself in trouble.

Sharon’s photo

Name: Amanda Rodriguez (née Wilson)
Alias: Mom
Age: 46
Occupation: Hotel Receptionist
Biography: Time has passed and Amanda has finally become used to her son’s activities as Nightshadow. She even helped him in some case back then. But
the ambush against him at the last season and her own “mother’s premonition” is seeing a great danger Paul. Little she knew that herself would be at the very eye
of the storm.

Amanda’s photo

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