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More bios:

Liane Benson (Lawyer/USA Agent) – Ms. Benson assumed the identity of Nightshadow’s lawyer, when he was caught by the police, but in fact, she is an agent of the Urban Security Agency, dedicated at organized crime. She gives to Nightshadow and his crew of vigilantes tips and jobs that put them in direct conflict with dangerous criminals.


The Huntress (real name unknown – Bounty Hunter) – Almost an urban legend, this mysterious bounty hunter crossed half the country to finish her contract: a hit at the masked vigilante Nightshadow. She will rely on her expertise with firearms to get her target.


Lord Albert Glover (Philantropist/Member of the Inner Circle) – One of the most known figures at Freemont’s high society, Lord Glover is a man admired by his intelligence and sophistication.
But, behind the philantropist’s mask, hides a man involved in the city’s black market. He is one of the kingpins of Freemont.


Sharon Williams (Reporter) – The implacable reporter, Sharon is the most fierce investigator of the Nightshadow mystery. Sharon, unfortunately, finds herself in trouble, as her numerous snoops around the Tomasinos business will put a target at her head.


Scarlett Mitchell aka The Scarlet (Bartender) – The Scarlet found a partner in Nightshadow, while Scarlett has found a friend at Paul. She ended up becaming his martial arts trainer, helping him to be more prepared to his enemies.


William O’Reary aka Red Thunder (amateur MMA fighter) – the first vigilante to publicly display his acts of “heroism”, William constantly talks to the press about his doings, and has attracted many fans. But, Paul thinks he’s also a trouble magnet, with his constant public showing, he might blow the cover of all the vigilantes.


Vanessa Queen aka The Viper (Hostess of the Purple Rain Club) – Politics, CEO’s, wealthy husbands, curious wives… a lot of the most affluent names on the city has felt The Viper’s whip at their skin. This exotic beauty known that her clients can give a great business opportunity: blackmail. She will become an important source of info to the vigilantes, but there’s the question: can they trust her?


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