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More chacacter bios:

Marcus Wallace (Police Officer) – Marcus is looking forward to climb on the justice ladder, as he wants to become a Detective, but with the still increasing corruption on the police, he will find himself in a crossroad, id doubt to decide which path to take on.

Angelo Tomasino (Don of the Tomasino Family) – After his ambitious take over of numerous businesses of rival families, Don Angie wants to keep pushing his power to finally become the only ruling Mafia on Freemont, but he is making a mistake: underestimating the fearless vigilante known as “Nightshadow”
Don’s photo

Vincent “Vinnie” Tomasino (Owner of the Pink Flamingos / Underboss of the Tomasino Family) – Vinnie is known for his charisma and good looks. But behind this facade, hides a cruel man. An affictionate for torture and fire, he loves to practice his habilities with somebody that double-crossed or snitched his family.
Vinnie’s Photo

Thomas Rosenberg (Lawyer / Consigliere of the Tomasino Family) – Another member of the Tomasinos that hides his true self. Thomas is a long time friend of both Angelo and Vinnie, helped a lot of family associates, pulled a few strings and always passes an image of a secure, confident man. What people don’t know, though, is that he’s becoming increasingly paranoid, and he’s planning to get out of this mobster’s life.
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