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Here’s more character synopsis of characters from “THE WATCH”. Some characters don’t have pictures, because their appearances weren’t changed, but most of them will appear now:

Daniel Wilson (Paul’s father / Detective) – The truth about Daniel’s death was discovered by Nightshadow and reporter Sharon Williams. He was working undercover at the Barzini family, but was betrayed by his then-partner, the acting-mayor Frank Townley, that had a debt with the other family, the Tomasinos.

Amanda Rodriguez (Paul’s mother / Receptionist) – After struggling to accept her son’s double life, Amanda is seeing a brighter future ahead for her, as she started to work at Von Cransterburg Hotel, in Downtown Freemont. Little she know, this hotel is a frequent place for shady business meetings

Amanda’s Picture

Troy Jackson (FIREWALL / Student) – Troy spends most of the season as Nightshadow’s behind-the-scenes sidekick, offering support, verifiyng areas, hacking documents, cameras and anything digital. But after an ambush that put Nightshadow and Scarlet in danger, Troy knows it’s time to bring the Firewall to the streets.

Troy’s Street Attire

Firewall Mark I

The Butcher (Serial Killer) – Still acting around Carlton Heights and East Carraway, the deranged leader of the Lunatikz is even more aggressive and maniac. With Nightshadow’s consistent vigilante acts against him and his crew, he will not rest until he sees the masked man dies in front of him

The Butcher’s picture