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Mad Jack

@livewyre1014 said:
Lord Hades’ child, Zagreus the Jailer!!

Huh – strange …

I know Zagreus as the child of Persephone (Hades’ wife and niece) and Zeus (in the form of a serpent). Persephone in turn was the daughter of Zeus and his sister Demeter. Incestuous bunch of hillbillies those greek gods…

The Zagreus I know was also a shapeshifter (he could change into various animal forms) and killed as a child by the Titans at the behest of a jealous Hera. They caught him in the form of a bull, tore him to pieces, and devoured him. Zeus turned the Titans to ashes with a thunderbolt and from those ashes, mixed with the eaten divine flesh, Prometheus later fashioned humankind which thereby possess both a trace of divinity as well as the Titans’ maliciousness – an explanation for the mix of good and evil in humans.

Zeus then implanted the still-beating heart of his son Zagreus into the mortal woman Semele, from whom the child was eventually born again.