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After years of working for the Mystery Man, his first protege and partner the Secret walked away from the life of the vigilante. Her heart just wasn’t in the fight anymore, but rather than leave outright, she secretly trained a replacement. This new girl became the second Secret, and fought in her stead by Mystery Man’s side. The new Secret even started a romantic relationship with the Mystery Man, and the two fell in love. However, she was captured by a new villain that came to Broadstone City, and was tortured for days before Mystery Man found her. In the battle that ensued, as Mystery Man was defeating the villain who took her, the Secret stabbed him in the back multiple times and left the Mystery Man lying alone to bleed out. She had been broken and corrupted. This was what brought the old Secret back to continue the fight while her mentor was on life support. Here is the woman that nearly killed the Mystery Man and betrayed the entire Mystery family…she now calls herself Conspiracy!!!