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While Morgan Island is known far and wide as the home of the incredible Frogman, the upper east side is more familiar with a rougher side of justice. Once an assistance boxing coach for a young boys club, Pierce Sheppard spent a few years in jail after walking in on the director of the club molesting a young boy. Pierce sorta lost his temper and beat the director within and inch of his life, and was sentenced for assault and battery. When he was released, he went back to the upper east side and bought the abandoned building, now using it as an animal shelter. But things had just gotten worse, with the gangs and drug dealers taking over entire neighborhoods. As a man who could never just sit around and watch, the aging Sheppard once again decided to take action, but this time behind a mask. He works with an elite team, all well trained and specialized and also all willing to work for treats. Patrolling the upper east side of Morgan Island to fight for justice with a team of 7 highly trained dogs, Pierce is now known simply as DOG.