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@Kaylin88100 said:

@prswirve said:

Kaylin here’s my take on a younger Uther Pendragon…
At last i finished him for the third try without my PC crashing… lol!

Yay! He looks great, and Uther now has an entry. Just one question – can we switch your entries for Arthur and Uther? Because it’s bugging me slightly that your Uther looks younger than his son!

Oh yes you may, of course! Do as you please, it’s your call.

Whilst the arthur i made was after he became too devastated of the lost of his queen, while Uther’s appearance was at the time he was still King and Arthur wasn’t born yet. :)

Anyways, i’ll be happy to make you a rendition of a younger Arthur and an older Uther, if you may wish.