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Ok then, I’m now closing last weeks contest. And the winner is Scatman.
Obviously I won’t be making a group shot his time out as there wasn’t an entry for each character.

Anyway, on to this weeks contest and I thought, just as a little change, I won’t give you any images to work from this time, just character profiles and a set of defining features (DF) for each character. You’ll have 10 characters to choose from, 1 hero & his 9 worst villains.

Rules: You can have as many entries as you like, even multiple entries for the same character. You must include the DF of the character in your design otherwise it will not be allowed.


Anarchist: A sociopath with tendencies towards homicide, arson and terrorism, as well as a taste for theatrics and costumes. His goal is to bring anarchy to the world and watch as it crumbles.
(DF: White faceless mask, red fez, suit)
Cut-Throat: A mercenary killer, whose preferred method is to slit his targets throat. He usually works on hire for the mob, as they pay best.
(DF: Knives)
Deadeye: A homicidal maniac. He takes pleasure in torturing his victims before killing them.
(DF: Bald and bearded, blind in one eye)
Game Master: A homicidal maniac who kidnaps his victims and forces them to play him at a game of his choice. If they win, they are allowed to live. If they lose, they are killed.
(DF: some sort of board-game themed costume)
King Of Cards: A criminal who leaves a playing card at the scenes of his crimes, usually either the ace or king of hearts. He is a very proud man and looks down on the ‘common criminals’ and mobsters of Emerson. He wears a king of hearts costume to commit his crimes and his crimes are usually card related. He leads a gang of card related villains called the Pack.
(DF: King Of Hearts costume)
Marcus ‘The Boss’ Luciano: Emerson city’s pre-eminent crime lord. He controls most of the city and has ‘friends’ in the mayor’s office and the police, amongst others.
(DF: Albino, cigar smoker, old style gangster)
Psychosis: A criminal illusionist, who uses hallucinogenic gases and mind tricks to trap his victims inside their own heads.
(DF: Green main color, Black and orange other colors)
Punch and Judy: A schizophrenic husband and wife criminal team, who commit crimes with a theatrical and comedic, almost cartoonish, signature.
(DF: Must include both, think jester-like costumes)
Swan-Song: A vigilante, waging a one-man war on crime. His father was once police commissioner but he was assassinated by the pre-eminent crime boss, Marcus Luciano. He is skilled in most forms of combat and can hold his own against much stronger foes, even though he has no super-powers.
(DF: Dark costume, skull and crossbones insignia)
The Toy Maker: Vindictive, greedy and malicious, the Toy Maker is a genius in mechanics. He used to make toys and ran his own toyshop, but he was bullied and teased by the children because of his ugly appearance. He then turned his talents to crime, using toys to carry out his schemes and as weapons.
(DF: dresses like a toy soldier/ Nutcracker)

The contest closes next Monday GMT.
Have fun.