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Ok, I’ve decided what to put up as this weeks contest (which I am now running from Monday to Monday, so you still get a week). I was going back through my older stuff and I came across some of my Golden Age designs, so your challenge is to redesign them.

You can do them in a Golden, Silver or Modern Age style, but you must keep the powers and colour schemes the same. I don’t mind how many times you enter or if you do group/action shots, just make them good.

Dr. Dome: A mad scientist who created a disintegrator gun that reduces anything it is aimed at to dust.

Miss Liberty: The widow of a soldier killed in Italy during the allied invasion, Elizabeth Walters donned a mystical cape, given to her by a sorcerer, and became Miss Liberty, the high flying beacon of hope for all those women who had lost loved ones during the conflict.

Flying Ace: A former R.A.F fighter pilot who was experimented on by the Nazis following a crash behind enemy lines. When he escaped his captors he discovered that their experiments had made him virtually immortal and super strong.

Gold Cross: An alien being from another dimension, who came through a tear in space and became trapped on our world. He can fly and shoot lasers from his eyes.

The Bolt: After an experimental weapon he was working on was destroyed by enemy spies, with him caught in the blast, U.S Army scientist Matt Majors discovered the explosion had given him the ability to control electricity and fly.

The American: An ex-soldier whose back was injured in World War 1, meaning he could no longer walk. However he took part in an experiment that gave him the use of his legs back, as well as making him super strong and practically invincible.

Aquaran: A half-human, half-merman, raised on the surface. He can breath underwater and, whilst he is in contact with a liquid, he has super strength. He can also control free flowing water (rivers, waves etc).

The Evil Intelligence: After being exposed to the energy from a crashed alien spacecraft, Walter Madison found his mind had mutated, leaving him with superhuman intelligence. However, the mutation had left him without morals, so he decided to put his new found brains to criminal use.