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Ok, the next contest is going to be a bit different. It’s going to be the last contest for a while, what with the contests coming back on the main blog and the fact that I’m starting to struggle for ideas for this. However I’ve decided to go out with a bang.
This contest will last for two weeks (more depending on participation levels) and I will be offering a prize of sorts, the chance to have one of your designs used in a professionally released comic book.
As some of you may know if you read through the Open Thread Day a few weeks ago, I have been given my own comic by the guys at K.I.N.G Comics, based around this character

Orion, who is part of a cosmic team called the Solaria. The Solaria is a cosmic entity split into ten pieces many millions of years ago, each piece containing two opposing emotions, and each drawn to beings that exhibit the strongest of these emotions, allowing them to release these emotions as superhuman powers such as energy blasts, flight and super strength..
Now, whilst issue 1 is being drawn up and I’m writing issue 2, what I want you to do is come up with your own Solarians. You can go crazy, I don’t care what you do. Any shape, any size, any species, the more inventive the better, you don’t even have to do humanoids. The only things I ask you to include is the Star logo (the same/ proportionally the same size) and the black secondary colour (in the same style, so light 1st colour, pitch black 2nd colour). You must also include the colour associated with the emotion you chose as the main costume colour (although go darker for the negative emotions). Also, it would be preferable not to include backgrounds, although energy effects are quite welcome.

The colours and emotions are as follows: Blue (Courage/ Fear), White (Hope/ Despair), Yellow (Joy/ Grief), Green (Compassion/ Sadism), Pink (Love/ Hatred), Purple (Trust/ Distrust), Silver (Conviction/ Doubt), Red (Serenity/ Rage), Orange (Humility/ Pride), Black (Generosity/ Greed)

You can enter as many times as you want.
At the end of the contest I will announce my favourites for each colour and these will then be used as the statues of Legendary Solarians in the Solarian base crypt in issue 3 of my comic. I will also announce my overall favourite, the design of which will become one of the main Solarian team in the comic as of that character’s debut issue (either 2 or 3).

I look forward to seeing your designs and remember, be as creative as you can.