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OK people, this contest is now closed.
Before I announce the winners, I thought I show you my original designs for the characters, alongside your redesigns.

Top- Swan-Song (Mine, Scatman’s), Psychosis (Mine, Scatman’s)
2nd Row- Anarchist (Mine, Blue Blazer’s, Trekkie’s), Toy Maker (Mine, Livewyre1014’s)
3rd Row- King Of Cards (Mine, Blue Blazer’s, djuby’s), Cut-Throat (Mine, Blue Blazer’s)
Bottom- Dead-Eye (Mine, Blue Blazer’s)

As you can see, we have some designs that are quite close to the original designs and some that are completely different.
So with that in mind, we have two winners this week. One for getting close to my idea and the second originality.

And our first winner is Trekkie, just edging out Blue Blazer (for the same character) due to the flame glow effect, which was awesome.
And our second winner is Scatman, for the awesome shading and costume on his version of Psychosis (which makes me go wow whenever I see it), just beating djuby.

Well done guys, amazing entries from everyone, even if we did get off to a slow start.
I’ll announce the next contest later.