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This is the logo for a new series I’ve been working on called Hit-World. I plan on expanding upon this series with characters and bios. For now here is a bit of an overview of what the series will be about:

One thousand of the the world’s finest hitmen are rounded up by a deranged amusement park owner known only as Noah. Noah has meta human abilities which allow him to sway the emotions and desires of others. With the aid of his powers, Noah is able to bring these elite hitmen to his expansive amusement park called Hit-World. Here they are now held captive and forced to compete against each other in front of a televised audience. The general public believes that the hitmen are participating of their own free will for a massive sum of prize money.

The hitmen are given costumes to wear, as well as, weapons with special abilities based on their costume. In round one of the game the hitmen are split into teams of three. In this round they cannot kill their teammates. They must work together and attempt to earn “kill points.” Kill Points are given for each kill based on style, speed, and accuracy. The team with the most points at the end of the day will be given a reward that may help them in the game. The lowest scoring teams will be punished.

Throughout the park there will be Safe Houses in which the hitmen cannot be harmed. These Safe Houses will contain food, medical supplies, and a place to rest. However, you cannot rest for long because the Safe Houses shift every six hours. Once the hitmen have been narrowed down to one hundred, the second round will begin. In the second round the teams are no more. the hitmen may continue to work together or just kill each other, it’s their choice. Ultimately there can be only one winner, the final hitman left standing at the end.