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Finally decided to adjust the pesky left arm on Junna, also adjusted a few small things. Hopefully that arm looks okay now, fixing it was a bit more time consuming than I expected.

I’ll post her bio again:

Character name: Junna Murasaki
Junna is a tomboy with a heart of gold, she loves to help others.
This is the next character from my Kenjutsu Rainbow series, she is the Purple Blade Color Master and Iro’s companion. After being defeated in battle by Iro, Junna becomes inspired by his spirit, skill, and his goal. As the Purple Blade Color Master, Junna has mastered the ability to heal with her Power Blade. Junna sees that the land of Bright is in trouble with Kuro as the Grandmaster and wants to help Iro on his journey any way she can. After deciding to leave her title as the Purple Blade Color Master, Junna has her apprentice take over. Now Iro and Junna journey together working towards Iro’s goal to defeat all the Blade Color Masters and face his brother to save the land of Bright.