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@H@RLEK(!)N said:


So what Jeimuzu make? Comic or Cartoon.

Nice work on the squirrel but why you don’t masked the hand?

That’s a good question, if I had to pick between anime and manga.. I think it would be really cool for there to be a Strange Justice anime. However, I suppose it could be both an anime and a manga.

On the subject of Sky Squirrel’s hand, I really wanted him to be resting the palm of his hand on the handle of the umbrella instead of griping it. I was pretty sure someone would say something about the hand, but it’s what I liked the most after trying just about every single other hand. I feel like it was a more interesting way to pose it than having him just hold the handle. It Just seemed to fit with his pose and character better than anything else I tried, so I just went with it.