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Introducing the leader of Spectrum: Red King

Arthur Vermillion was born into a corrupt royal family and as he grew older he began to take notice of all the innocent victims of his family’s desire for more power and fortune. One day Arthur found an old crown deep within the catacombs of his family’s oldest castle, after placing the crown on his head the room began to glow and he could feel his body begin to transform. Overtime Arthur discovered the crown had somehow given him an immense knowledge of spellcraft. Now with the power of the crown Arthur took it upon himself to become a masked vigilante called Red King, the costume acting as a symbolic mockery of royalty and the color red representing the blood of the victims of his families heartless acts. Arthur discovered his family’s largest investment was with an organization called Shade. Upon discovering the experiments Shade was conducting behind closed doors, Arthur determined he would need a team of powerful people in order to take down the genetically engineered army Shade has be secretly forming and thus, Spectrum was born.

Powers: Spell casting/Sorcery, expert combat skills