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Well I guess I should introduce myself since I started posting pics already. I am qwerty, currently living outside of Kandahar for another 8 months and then back to DC. I am military and I am so glad I found this website as it is my relaxation from this place. I wish I had found it sooner but I was distracted by a city in Rhode Island called Paragon. When that was destroyed I found this site. I wish I could draw freestyle but I suck at it so this site is a godsend for me. It allows me to recreate all the toons that perished on 30 November 2012. Eventually I will make an avatar for myself. I have actually started writing stories of my characters over here when my internet is down and one day when I have the fortitude and gumption, I will post it in the fiction section. Any tips on shading or making metallic gleam is most appreciated. Nice meeting you all.